Polis abuses restaurants for 370 days and then gives them a special day of the week

Governor Polis, who doesn’t know how to govern and only knows not to make mandates, made another special day. If there’s anything the over-the-top media star loves, it’s his special days.

Just last week, Polis was parading around at his after demanding the entire state buy pink light bulbs despite being poorer and worse off because of him. Coloradoans didn’t go out and buy pink light bulbs with Jared’s two days’ notice; most of them are either worried about COVID-19, unemployment, the barrage of insulting anti-2A and anti-parent legislation coming down the pipeline, whether they’re racist or not or any combination of those problems, to worry about Jared’s demands. The only entities that participated in the light show were predominately government buildings and a few businesses.

Dine Out Tuesday, as it’s named, calls on Coloradoans to dine out on Tuesdays to support local businesses…or at least the ones not closed by Polis’s one year and five-day state of emergency that has closed an indeterminate number of local restaurants, close to one in six, and laid off 41,600 restaurant workers.

Of course, Polis can’t declare Dine-in Tuesday’s; that could cause a problem for his very own rules, depending on the county and mandates in place.

Jared lives in a mansion in Boulder and doesn’t follow Denver politics. He’s so tone-deaf that he cannot hear the needs and fears of his constituents, and he likely doesn’t care to hear them. He doesn’t govern; he rules.

He also declared on March 20th, which caused a massive boon on the Colorado meat industry. A slew of Colorado counties and even the state of Nebraska has declared Meat Day on March 20th.

Jared Polis is incompetent. Nextdoor and Facebook are already running ads for “Dine in Tuesday,” so the state is spending money from somewhere to try to help get Polis out of hot water with the restaurant industry.

Restaurants wouldn’t need a special day if Polis wasn’t abusing them in the first place. There’s no reason for COVID-19 mandates to remain in place; there’s any of it worked at all because this wasn’t actually a pandemic. But Polis loves this pandemic theatre because can play king and create the and statue renaming commission…all under the guise of a pandemic.

Polis is the ultimate , time and time again…throwing the hammer down on WeldCo for protecting people’s rights and then begging the county not to leave for Wyoming. This month, after insulting the meat industry, he showed up at a meat-packing plant in Greeley to smile for vaccine photo-ops.

And now, after impoverishing most restaurant owners for a year, threatening those who didn’t comply, like , which eventually closed, alcohol inventory, and making mandates born out of ego and power versus data and truth, he wants to give them a special day.