Parker Mayor Toborg slammed on social media for Q, FEC leanings

Newly elected Mayor Jeff Toborg of Parker recently opened an official Facebook page for his mayoral position. Within hours, the comments were mostly fraught with negative observations about Toborg.

One of the first comments Friday night asked Mayor Toborg if he would denounce FEC, which he has not responded to as of this writing. Left leaning groups and some conservatives have criticized elected officials who belong to FEC United because of its far right leanings, doxxing, and the militia that it’s building.

The initial round of comments, about twenty-five of them, opened the flood gates for a rash of negative posts about Toborg, including his Q-Anon leanings. Q has been all but banned from most social media sites, and mainstream media have shamelessly slammed any elected officials who follow Q, though it’s not clear what risk Q poses to everyday society.

Within 48 hours, the Mayor’s page was in shambles with comments. n addition to his Q-Anon leanings, commenters across Facebook have taken issue with Toborg’s association with Joe Oltmann, head of FEC, as well as the mayor’s anti-vaccination leanings and belief that the Capitol storming on Wednesday was a “false flag” event.

In one post shared across Facebook, Toborg on Parler claims that the storming of the Capitol by right wing extremists didn’t happen as such. He apparently believes, like many Q’s, that the event was a “false flag,” used to paint division between conservatives and liberals.

Whether or not Toborg’s beliefs are controversial is without consequence. He walks a fine line between unnecessary cancel culture and the appearance of alt right values. By Sunday morning, DougCo leftists were calling for his registration in light of all of the posts brought to light.

Calling for Toborg’s resignation because his values don’t align with those of all of his constituents is hasty; he was elected fairly by a majority of his constituents, who were fully aware of his leanings. However, Toborg should make an appearance to address his opponents and their claims, which are mostly circumstantial but include:

  • Q-Anon leanings
  • FEC involvement
  • Possible presence in D.C.
  • Anti Vaccination posts
  • Increasingly aggressive posts regarding elections, COVID, and more.

Cancel culture is horrific, but explanations and some reassurance to the public helps these situations.

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Please reach out to those who left these comments to make sure they are okay with their names publicly posted this way. I can tell you right now im on here and was never asked if I was okay with being posted.

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