NOT guilty; Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder, not his neck

The riots of 2020, which were orchestrated by the Marxist, violent BLM movement, will cost upwards of $2 million dollars. Over 800 police officers were injured, and 20 civilian lives were lost in BLM’s violent political theatrics. Mainstream media glorified the movement, and a concerned yet well-intentioned public stood by as BLM and Antifa destroyed cities, businesses, livelihoods, and families.

As it turns out, the lives lost and destruction perpetrated were all for nothing; George Floyd wasn’t murdered. In newly released video, the defense team for Derek Chauvin has clearly demonstrated that Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder for the duration of his arrest, during which Floyd died from a methamphetamine and fentanyl overdose.

Eric Scott, Chauvin’s attorney, has proven that camera angle bias led the nation to believe that Officer Chauvin intentionally kneeled on Floyd’s neck, while Chauvin clearly detained Floyd via his knee to Floyd’s upper shoulder.

According to the autopsy performed on Floyd by an independent medical examiner, Floyd had no life threatening injuries, no injuries to his neck or larynx or corresponding structures, and no traumas to his entire upper body. There were no petechiae, small bruises that point to injuries under the skin, present on Floyd’s neck or upper body at the time of the examination. Additionally, Floyd did not suffer from a lack of oxygen at the time of his death. George Floyd did not die of neck injuries or loss of air. George Floyd was not murdered.

The autopsy, barely mentioned by mainstream media, does show that George Floyd had a lethal dosage of meth and fentanyl in his system. At the time of his arrest, Floyd yelled, “I ate too many drugs,” clearly pointing to the fact that he ingested drugs to avoid criminal charges for drug possession. The drugs that Floyd swallowed killed him, not Officer Chauvin.

The entire premise of the BLM riots was indeed a lie; Floyd killed himself, and the media and liberal officials should be ashamed at the lives lost and destruction perpetrated under the guise of lies.

While it only takes one juror to pull Derek Chauvin out of this tangled nest of lies, the question remains if any of the jurors will be courageous enough to stand by a “not guilty” verdict for the embattled officer. After all, BLM has already warned that if Chauvin isn’t convicted of Floyd’s murder, buildings will burn to the ground, and white people, including children, will die.

BLM and the mainstream media have proven facts do not matter. After this trial, regardless of the outcome, BLM should be disregarded as the racist, Marxist, violent dumpster fire that it actually is. If anything, BLM and Floyd should finally be blamed in the public eye for the violence and damage they have caused.