Muslim Boulder shooter’s ISIS ties don’t fit the narrative, so media attaches him to anti-vaxxers

In a not surprising but mildly delightful turn of events, the Boulder shooter had ISIS sympathies.

“Alleged Boulder, Colorado shooter Ahmed Al-Issa reportedly had ISIS sympathies, an anonymous White House official said on Tuesday, according to Jack Posobiec.”

It’s now been determined that Al-Issa is from Syria, is Muslim, hates Donald Trump, and is a terrorist. Luckily for white people, Al-Issa is not a right wing extremist type of terrorist; he’s the old-fashioned Muslim kind of terrorist.

Since 2021 is the year of “public safety,” perhaps Biden and his cronies should think about banning Muslims from immigrating to America for safety. After all, if a white man perpetrated a mass shooting Monday, cries of white supremacy would takeover the narrative.

What will the media do with this tragic shooting? Apparently, it’ll use the shooting to propagate more fear of anti-vaxxers for inexplicable reasons that have nothing to do with vaccines. From Daily Mail UK:

“‘The victims range in age from 20 to 65; among them was a cop, shoppers and people who were getting their COVID-19 vaccine.’”

The media will also predictably continue to blame guns, but not Muslims and certainly not ISIS.