Monument Mayor releases statement on racism charge

Mayor Don Wilson was asked for comments on a claim that he is racist. The racism charge stems from Wilson’s condemnation of El Paso County GOP Chair Vickie Tonkins and her actions regarding her own re-election this month. Wilson says in his statement this morning:

“Thank you for the opportunity, and please excuse my delayed response. The social media page known as Monument News, is not affiliated with the Town of Monument or recognized as any sort of legitimate news outlet. It is designed to mislead the public, by mixing credible news from other sources with slanderous comments about the town and town officials. To comment on any of the specific allegations made on the page would only be pandering to the lack of integrity possessed by the individual(s) responsible for the page.”

Wilson’s statement highlights the fact that Monument News has operated under the guise of a news source while issuing libelous and defamatory statements against elected officials without facts or data to support the alegations.