Million Militia March Jan 20th

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Although Big Tech has successfully censored President Trump, and mainstream media is working overtime to cleanse the country of the ideas and beliefs of seventy-four million Americans, conservatives are still making noise online.

In a few of the posts, although Million Militia March was created weeks ago, posters claim that the march is justice for Ashli Babbitt, a claim similar to the ones made by BLM marchers protesting justice for Jacob Blake, George Floyd, etc. While most of the posters plan for a January 20th event, a few are planned for January 17th and 27th as well.

Meanwhile, there are at least seven thousand troops stationed in Washington, D.C. today, allegedly for Biden’s inauguration.

D.C. 1/10/21

Conservatives across Twitter and Facebook believe the troops in Washington, D.C. are there to prevent an insurgency and keep the left under control if Trump activates the Insurrection Act and US. military. Likely, the military is stationed for the event of more riots.

The Colorado Herald