Mercy Hospital nurse lies about ICU bed shortage to further COVID-19 propaganda for masks in schools

ICU bed shortage is one of the major arguments put forth by people hell bent on New World Order and forced vaccinations, in order to contrive a deadly pandemic that does not exist.

On August 3rd at a Durango School District 9-R meeting, Serra Meyer, a nurse at Mercy Medical Center, commented that the ICU at Mercy was full, propagating the idea that kids should wear masks in schools so as not to further strain Mercy Medical Center. The problem is…the ICU at Mercy Medical Center is not full.

“I can tell you that we’ve been seeing COVID cases increase. Our ICU remains full. TCU’s been stressed. And that I don’t think we’ve seen yet what the delta variant is capable of. And that that should be a concern to everyone. Our young kids, those under don’t even have the ability to be vaccinated; we don’t know when that’s going to be available. And I think that for everybody’s health it would be best to just stay in masks. Especially for our young children. That would help us prevent having the need for cohorts, which will help kids socially. Last year the cohorts were really hard on them. I appreciate all that 9R is doing. I think that they’re working really hard in trying to listen to health officials, who I think should be the ultimate ones to make these decisions, not the parents,” Meyer said.

Local blogger Adam Howell reached out to Lindsay Radford, the Director of External and Field Communications for Centura Health. the ICU was not full three days after that meeting, and the hospital has a sound surge plan should capacity be approached.

As Howell points out, “Furthermore, for La Plata County shows only 9.86% of ICU beds were used for COVID-19 patients between July 30th and August 5th, 2021. This, even though the level of community transmission for the same time period was listed as high by the CDC.”

Fake ICU shortages and facilities and states lying about their hospital bed availability is nothing new; we caught several states lying about hospital beds throughout the COVID-19 scandal.

During the last week of December 2020, the mainstream media intensely shifted their focus to California, where they are intensely peddling a “surge” in Southern California. At least ten mainstream media articles released that week claimed SoCo was down to zero percent of ICU beds remaining.

In other words, both the state of California and the media told the entire country, as Michigan did, that soon, Grandma would be left to die on the hospital street corner without a bed. NBC Los Angeles recklessly reported the ICU crisis, cleverly sandwiching the fine print deep within their article, way past the point where most readers stop reading.

California’s policy, not easily found or understood, states that as COVID-19 cases “surge,” the state will lessen the number of ICU beds in hospital censuses. There’s no real explanation of why that policy exists, and not one major media source has .

The threat of death didn’t work; Americans quickly realized in the Spring of 2020 that COVID deaths were grossly exaggerated in processes insulting to medicine and politics. “Surging cases” didn’t work; Americans quickly realized that the virus is no different than any other. The latest attempt at whatever is actually happening is the threat of a healthcare overload.

The USNS Comfort, which was a great treated 182 patients and then embarrassingly left New York City after costing Americans an unsightly amount of money for its brief sight seeing tour.

Michigan was caught erasing six-thousand beds from its census in December, while California changed ICU data to reflect a zero percent ICU bed availability.

These tactics are elusive and not reported with the importance they deserve via the mainstream media, and they’re most likely employed in various states across the county. As all states were later found to perpetrate the , after that story first broke last Fall, readers can assume these aren’t the only two.

California posted its policy explaining why it lowers the available ICU bed percentage at will, explaining that it’s part of the Regional Stay at Home Order.

The state of California explains on its website that “the total number of adult ICU beds is calculated by removing neonatal ICU beds (NICU) and pediatric intensive care unit beds (PICU) as well as standardizing current adult ICU capacity. Consistent with the goal of the Regional Stay Home Order, this calculation ensures that sufficient ICU bed capacity is available for COVID and non-COVID related conditions. As of December 4, 2020 the ICU capacity is calculated as described above.”

What does that even mean?  reached out to the state of California, which provided exactly the above explanation of their calculations. Additionally, the publication discovered, 

“CDPH says it calculates the adjusted ICU capacity based on the proportion of ICU patients who have COVID-19. ‘If a region is utilizing more than 30% of its ICU beds for COVID-19 positive patients, then its available ICU capacity is adjusted downward by 0.5% for each 1% over the 30% threshold,’ according to the CDPH office of public affairs. So that mind-bending formula explains how the state has 0% capacity with more than 1,300 ICU beds still available…”

“CDPH said it adjusts the capacity measure ‘to preserve the capacity of the ICU to also treat non-COVID-19 conditions.’”

So if a region’s ICU bed capacity is 10% for example, it’s 20% above the threshold. Adjusting downward by the state’s calculations, the capacity they report to the public is (0.5 X 20) -actual capacity (10)=0%. Even though a region’s actual ICU capacity is 10%, readers wake up to the headline, “Region’s ICU capacity is Zero Percent!” 

Governor Newsome in his December 3rd order that unless ICU bed capacity was above 15%, lockdowns continued. During the first week of January 2021, they were extended indefinitely for most of Southern California. So Newsome locked down the state based on the the arbitrary goalpost, ICU beds, which the state changes at will to make the beds appear less available than they actually are.

Serra Meyer, the Mercy Hospital nurse who went out of her way to propagate her fear-mongering lies, should be cancelled for “disinformation,” but she won’t be. When COVID lies are “for your safety,” John Q. Public and Big Tech allow it. Ask about the blatant hypocrisy. This morning, she was banned from twitter for posting that the vaccine doesn’t work. And indeed, the vaccine is not effective.

First, cases were over-reported, then deaths, then hospitalizations. Then, ICU bed capacity was over-reported. Everything that happened during the first round of New World Order is happening again, and there’s no science behind any of it. It’s all for your safety.

~Irma Rovva

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