Q&A = answered by the Chinese Communist Party

At the World’s Intelligence Congress convention in 2020, while the rest of the world grappled with Covid-19, China unveiled the latest technologies and software that merge surveillance, data harvesting, and healthcare. This technology is currently being used by the US government, and utilized on government websites.

Have you searched for “Covid Symptoms?” If so, you’ve probably been directed to “Ask Sophie,” a bot used for collecting data, created and run by CloudMedEx and funded by major companies, with CCP ties.  “Ask Sophie” is being used on many different sites, but the primary cause for concern is its use on

CloudMedEx lists SV Tech Ventures as providing major funding for the company. “SVTech is a Bay Area early stage venture capital firm with strong China connections. We help tech startups achieve business development, strategic investment and M&A opportunities in both China and US.” Another major funding source? China Equity.

Why should we be concerned the Chinese Communist Party is handling Q&A on and other sites? Global security, data harvesting, and the growing concern of CCP infiltration into major global firms are the major concerns.

In 2016, dissidents of the CCP hacked a shanghai server and listed CCP members who work for global firms and have infiltrated global companies:

If China can infiltrate, operate, and manipulate our government websites and handling of COVID-19, what else can they do? It’s simple. Ask Sophie.