Media, triggered by Custer Co freedoms, calls 6 cases a spike worthy of fear-mongering

Media outlets love to fear monger when it comes to COVID-19 precautions. It’s now well known that lockdowns and mandates did nothing to prevent the spread of the family of Coronas. Every available data set in existence proves that lockdowns and mask mandates accomplished nothing but fear, isolation, suicide, and the loss of economies and businesses across the nation.

Identical trajectory across various states

CNN has admitted that Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida played COVID-19 right all along, and the economy of Florida is bustling because of Florida’s refusal to lockdown its population and require masks.

It doesn’t matter if there is a “surge” in cases; there will always be cases, and there will always be surges as long as people continue testing for the family of Coronaviruses. What matters in this case is that the “virus” trajectory is the same across the board, for all states regardless of lockdowns and mask mandates.

Mask mandates and lockdowns aren’t based on science or data, yet KRDO reports that Custer County’s reopening caused a “backfire” of a “spike in cases and hospitalizations.”

How does KRDO define a “spike?” Custer County has six “cases of Coronavirus” and three hospitalizations,” which could be defined as anything. As readers are acutely aware, both cases and hospitalizations are grossly manipulated in Colorado and nationwide. Anyone who comes into contact with a “positive case” is considered a case.

Per the CDC, a person is considered a COVID hospitalization if he tests positive for COVID thirty days before or after his hospitalization. Every hospital in every state goes by this guideline; readers should contact their local hospitals and health ddepartments to confirm this politically and clinically offensive reporting mechanism.

It gets worse. Influenza is gone; it’s all PIC. Anything that looks like the flu, COVID, or pneumonia is now PIC, so it gets coded as COVID. PIC is short for pneumonia, influenza, or COVID-19. Readers should question why three separate illnesses are reported as one.

There should be 143-152 flu patients hospitalized per week in Colorado. The state reports there are only three patients on average the last several weeks. CDPHE wants citizens to believe that a 95.5% reduction in hospitalized flu patients occurred. It didn’t.

More importantly, readers must question whether these six Custer County “cases” and “hospitalizations” are contrived like 60-90% of existing cases and hospitalizations. However, that’s a moot point considering the “virus” trajectory is unchanged by lockdowns and mask mandates. If this were a true pandemic, that fact would not be the case. COVID-19 is not a pandemic but a cooked up political hoax at this point, and the media has not only joined in on the politics but encouraged the assault on the truth.

What is the media so flippant about this evening? Probably nothing…but that’s not the narrative Coloradoans will be force fed this week. A few people in Custer County may or may not have tested positive, via fallacious tests, for a family of viruses that’s 99.97% survivable and not lessened at all by lockdowns and mandates.