Media: obesity is healthy, also media: 78% of COVID hospitalizations are obese

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Let’s just get this out of the way because we hold no qualms here about being politically correct; obesity isn’t healthy, cute, or attractive. Furthermore, obesity shouldn’t be glorified, thickness shouldn’t be celebrated, and being overweight shouldn’t be made into a trend.

By now, readers are aware that obesity leads to cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarctions, diabetes, and a host of other comorbidities that are much more serious than being overweight.

Researchers have now determined that 78% of people hospitalized for “COVID-19” were . That simple fact alone should display the media’s blatant hypocrisy, as it pushes obesity as the newest fad. The media and feminists have glorified obesity for years, but the movement has picked up steam during 2020 and 2021, the years of “corona” and “social justice.” Why would that be?

The media knows that , and the push to glorify obesity is a thinly veiled attempt at anti-racism, much like most media conundrums this year. Cosmopolitan completely lies; obesity is not healthy. Normalizing obesity is nonsensical; even pre-COVID, an lifestyle led to a host of other health issues.

If clinical diagnoses that lead to hospitalizations and death should be celebrated, then we have lost our way. Eat more, become obese, go to the hospital for COVID-19…write articles about how obesity is healthy.

The Colorado Herald