Media exaggerates xenophobia to usher in CCP policies

For over a year, the media has claimed that Americans are xenophobic. There is no real proof of that, and xenophobia is becoming the new form of racism that’s quickly breaking down the spirits of white people. That’s the end goal: breaking down white people (the stereotypical American) by whatever means necessary. When people are convinced that they don’t even know their own feelings and might be racist, the government (US or Chinese) can usher in whatever it wants.

And indeed, the government is using racism to literally usher in whatever it wants. used the guise of COVID-19 to sign over 350 executive orders, over fifty of which are concerned with renaming monuments, affirmative action, or some other form of “social justice.” Twenty years ago, the general public would’ve put the brakes on Polis’s heavy order-signing hand, but the American public doesn’t even know whether or not it’s inherently racist anymore, so social justice can slide right in and get comfortable…in the name of racism.

That type of unilateral decision making is reflective of CCP politics; citizens be damned, and elected officials not on the “good side” have no say in the matter.

Only one major incident of xenophobia has been catalogued since March of 2020, when a man because he believed they were spreading “Coronavirus.” Aside from that, AAPI counted about 2800 over five months during the pandemic, but those incidents are not readily available for public viewing.

did report a brief surge in crimes against Asian people last year in September, but there’s no indication most of those crimes were hate crimes. There has been a surge in overall crimes nationwide.

There could be an increasing amount of xenophobia, but it’s really too early to say. As mentioned, crimes have skyrocketed so much this year overall, that crimes against Asian people could be on par with most crimes.

claims, without data, that xenophobia is worse this year because of Trump’s “language” and Coronavirus.

Upon further examination of that notion…

Former President Trump loved to call “Coronavirus” the “China virus,” and rightfully so…the virus escaped from a Wuhan lab, and the Chinese government did everything it could to cover up the fact that the virus had escaped. Trump’s play on words wasn’t meant to cause xenophobia anymore than he could incite an insurrection.

Furthermore, China’s politics aren’t good, humane, or desirable, especially not for the US. Its ongoing abhorrent people, supported by , is inexcusable. The CCP is an ongoing nightmare, and often times saying so is considered “xenophobic.”

NBC News

But xenophobia indicates racism towards Asian people. By and large, Americans aren’t racist, and they’re not racist towards Asians. If anything, the US people are disgusted by genocide and communist politics; they hate the Chinese government and love Chinese people, which is not xenophobia.

Hating the Chinese government is acceptable. In fact, readers probably should.

enough to remake the world however it sees fit. It has the money to buy it’s way into American government, and while Americans may not see the CCP, they can certainly feel its powerful wrath. Fearing what’s to come from China next year and in one-hundred years isn’t xenophobic; it’s realistic.