Media attacks Boebert for tweeting back at shooting survivor

The Denver Post proclaimed, “Lauren Boebert mocks school shooting survivor David Hogg, sparking criticism.”

While Lauren has definitely had a rocky go as a freshman congresswoman, never shying from controversy, she had every right to stand her ground and tweet back at Hogg, who the media has labeled a child. Hogg is a 20 year-old who regularly stirs 2A and otherwise controversy on social media platforms, frequently appearing at anti-gun rallies since he survived the Parkland shooting in 2018.

Hogg’s experience was traumatic, one that most haven’t had to experience, except for Colorado State Representative Patrick Neville, to name just one. Neville is regularly criticized by the press, despite the fact that he survived the Columbine school shooting of 1999. Neville’s experience led him to form different beliefs than Hogg, telling “60 Minutes” last year that his experience led him to advocate for 2A rights for personal and public safety.

“‘The first time that I really formed a strong opinion on it was after I was in college. So if there was one place that I really didn’t feel safe and that I really did feel vulnerable, it was definitely on the school campuses, sitting in those large classrooms. And not being able to protect myself really concerned me.’”

Neville is a survivor just like Hogg, and just like Hogg, Neville has an opinion that he formed, as a victim of a horrible crime, that led him to advocate for a cause close to his heart. But unlike Hogg, Neville doesn’t fit the Biden Harris 2020 agenda, nor does he fit the Jared Polis agenda or the media agenda.

If victim politics are to fill the halls of the Capitol and the halls of social media, then they have to be allowed for everyone. That’s pretty dangerous considering everyone’s a victim of something. Lauren Boebert had the right to tweet Hogg back; he had taken a jab at her, and as two grown adults, they have the right to do that. The media and elected officials’ insistence that Hogg’s victimhood gives him the right to throw jabs while living behind a glass shield of trauma, while Neville’s doesn’t, is symptomatic of a massive problem. Either victimhood belongs in politics, or it doesn’t.

To “renew fresh calls for resignation” because Boebert returned political tweets with a grown adult who lived through a school shooting is beyond incomprehensible. If that’s the level of censorship that US voters want, then again the same must be true for all, or we have full communism. Tay Anderson regularly tweets at Neville like he’s a seventeen year-old Klansman, and no one calls for Anderson’s resignation.

The media favorably reports Hodge as a victim, never Neville. All of that should call into question who is really in control of politics today, which is in large part those who control the media.