Media adds fuel to Asian racism fire, but GA murders not race-based

“The Asian American community was left reeling after a gunman killed eight people, including six Asian women, at three spas in the Atlanta area Tuesday evening,” reads .

Why is the Asian American Community “reeling?” Isn’t sex work known to be a risky business? Six workers are murdered at exponentially higher rates than non sex workers, and that has nothing to do with racism.

Police said the suspect, Robert Aaron Long, 21, indicated the crime was not racially motivated. Long frequented the massage parlors and wanted to “eliminate the temptation” for others. That statement doesn’t sound racially motivated at all, but the media has already framed the crime as racist rather than sex-based.

From ,

“Long has not been charged with a hate crime, , color, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

“’He apparently has an issue, what he considers a sex addiction, and sees these locations as something that allows him to go to these places, and it’s a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate,’ Baker said.”

“Long had been in rehab for sex addiction and was wracked with guilt about his sexual urges, .”

“Baker said Long believed there was ‘some type of porn industry’ in Florida that he intended to confront and that he was on his way to the state when he was apprehended.”

This crime was not racially motivated…not at all.

Between 1970 and 2009, prostitutes accounted for 22% of serial murder victims. In the last ten years, 43% of serial murder victims . While have concluded that sex workers are victimized by serial killers due to the failure of the justice system to protect sex workers, those studies leave race out of the conversation because the problem is multi-faceted yet untouched by race.

Sex workers are perpetually victimized due to a stereotype (perpetuated by police, the community, court systems, and family structures) that people who perform sex work choose to victimize themselves. Women of all races enter the sex industry.

OnlyFans revolutionized sex trades; COVID-19 caused a of 75%. Unemployed women turned to Onlyfans to support themselves when their jobs were lost due to COVID-19 lockdowns. The sex industry isn’t going anywhere, and people of all races, ages, sexes, and backgrounds are selling sex.

OIn the case of the Georgia massage parlor murders this week, it’s hypocritical for the Asian community to be “reeling” at white people as if this is occurrence is a race problem. Asian are run by Asian families, often tied to a vast crime network overseas. The Asian people are the only race of people that has predominantly run these illicit massage parlors in the US for decades, much to the chagrin of US authorities.

A 2020 uncovered dozens of illicit massage parlors in Colorado Springs alone; the businesses are so pervasive that even as police and cities shut them down, they reopen as new businesses. Every parlor that the team uncovered was run by Asian men, except for a few run by Asian women.

There is no proverbial white man holding a gun to the heads of Asian crime families, making them sell sex to the community’s lonely men. The Asian people running these massage parlors haven’t been accused of Asian on Asian racism, so why are white people blamed? In fact, early investigative reports indicating race was not a factor in the murders have been totally ignored.

But the South Korean affairs ministry and the media says the crime was racist because sex addiction is based on the “stereotyping of Asian women.” The media wants you to believe that even when the crime is not race-motivated, it’s still racism.

Sex addiction is based on a lot of issues, often childhood based, trauma-born, and never properly addressed. Sex workers are victimized at much higher rates than their non-sex worker counterparts. However, co-mingling sex addiction and murder with racism when there is no indication whatsoever that the murder of eight people was race-based is irresponsible.

Asia’s sex trade than that of the United States; so why is the American white male blamed for perpetual stereotyping? The Asian people perpetuate the same illicit trades overseas that they do in Georgia. see some of the highest rates of trafficking and prostitution in the world. The sex industry is a worldwide problem, and it’s born out of poverty, crime networks, mental illness, addiction, criminal justice shortcomings, and a multitude of other factors.

It’s past time for the media to act responsibly and investigate the true root causes and sources of the sex trade and sex addiction rather than chalking the issues up to racism. The American people and the world deserve much better. And if the American people expect to obtain “much better” from the media, they must begin resisting the notion that they’re racist at all costs.

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