Masked countries and states fare worse than those without mandates

As we have demonstrated for over a year now, . It’s not an issue that’s even up for debate any longer; as Rand Paul asserts.

In fact, masks make people sick. contain suspicious parasites, and often contain poison similar to asbestos.

12 Midwest states

In a study on twelve different Midwest states with varying mask mandates, the trajectory of the planned pandemic is nearly identical, with Wisconsin and Illinois, the two most mask restrictive states, showing higher rates of infection than some of their less masked, Midwest counterparts. Again, masks do nothing to stop the spread of the family of largely survivable Coronaviruses.

In December, lauded India’s quick decision to force masks on its population, claiming that a new Indian mask mandate had caused lower cases of the family of Coronas, thus saving millions of imaginary lives.

The entire Indian mask scenario was a lie; “COVID-19 cases” only temporarily dropped. By early January, cases, however those are actually defined in India, began skyrocketing. In all actuality, the mask mandate in India did nothing at all other than strengthen government control. Since the WSJ piece in December, in which WSJ believed it could play doctor for the day, India’s “cases” have risen by 1400%.

The great stage of Texas is no different. After Governor Greg Abbott lifted the state mask mandate almost two months ago, a Neanderthal. How dare Abbott reject the CCP-made, worm and poison-laden pieces of plastic as the next great savior of public health?

“As some states, such as Michigan, have seen a spike in cases, Texas has been steady. The number of daily cases have fallen 58% since Abbott announced his decision, down from 6,600 to 2,800 on Thursday. Hospitalizations are down 48% and deaths have continued to decline.”

A large study by NCBI demonstrated that masks clearly do not work and definitely make people sick.

If masks don’t work in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, or India, where exactly are these pieces of fabric effective? If they aren’t effective, why is anyone still wearing them?

Government control.

Chinese PPE .

Ability to riot conspicuously.