King Polis’s wild millions: vaccine lottery and more money for those who refuse to work

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Jared Polis is the worst Governor Colorado has ever seen; he doesn’t know how to govern. Instead, Jared rules like a king over his Coloradoan peasants.

Without any input from the legislature, this week Jared Polis offered unemployed Coloradoans $1600 each to “get back to work.” The Executive Order signed by Lord Polis states that the first initial allotment to encourage Coloradoans to do what they should already be doing is $500,000. Apparently, Jared believes that one half of a million dollars is better spent paying people to go back to work than it is to give that money back to the thousands of small businesses he’s raked over the coals in the name of “safety” from a 99.8% survivable family of Chinese-made viruses.

Plenty of legislators were quick to point out that the governor had no right to give away COVID relief funds to people who should be working, anyways. But BLM and social justice have produced a narrative that people are owed infinitely more by the federal government; they’re not. Perhaps instead of BLM pushing for rent moratoriums and more free stuff they’re not entitled to, they could all go obtain gainful employment. But why do that when Polis continues to hand out money like it grows on trees?

Polis never really wanted a successful economy; he wanted a dictatorship focused on social justice and transexual agenda-laden actions that do nothing to serve most Coloradoans.

The trans agenda, as propagated by Polis, is in fact nothing more than an excuse for the governor to talk about sex in a way that’s divisive- the name of the left’s game. Rainbow drag queen swag for getting the unnecessary COVID-19 vaccine? Check. The Governor is on it!

But when it comes to the economy, the businesses Polis has beaten into oblivion in the last year, or fixing any of the socialist mess he started, Polis’s answer to socialism’s failings is to throw more socialism at the problem.

Therefore, Coloradoans will be given $1600 for going back to work, a concept lost on many Americans since the start of the left’s giant reset, put in motion under the guise of COVID-19. “Help is on the way, Colorado,” proclaim Colorado’s Senate Democrats.

It’s not business-ending government intrusion, lockdowns, and cloth placed over your mouth for the flu, Colorado…it’s “help.” So instead of getting back to work, completely ignoring the COVID-19 plan and it’s communist blueprint, and focusing on growing the economy…we are sending you “help,” another word for your money packaged as a political signal. “Vote for us again, Colorado-Democrat’s will provide you unlimited help, drag queen swag….and now a vaccine lottery.”

Because Colorado is basically the new China.

And since Colorado is basically the new China, Colorado has taken another million dollars of your money and spent it not on battered businesses but on a vaccine lottery…because Jared Polis said so. And so shall it be. The king is unstoppable.

Of course, King Polis will say that the funds came from COVID-19 federal money, insinuating that it’s not your money-it’s his money to spend however he sees fit. And he wants people who obtain a poorly researched shot laden with more side effects and deaths than all of the other vaccines combined, and then basically forced on the American people, to be entered into a one million dollar lottery.

That’s how Polis rolls. He’s so smart, by his own opinion, that he knows best. There’s no need for a vote of the legislature on anything Polis does; it’s great to be king. Polis has taken one million dollars and allocated it to a China style propaganda factory. Get the vaccine, and you might win the money.

That’s the best way the Governor of Colorado could spend an “extra” one million dollars in COVID funding…creating a vaccine lottery.

But let’s just be totally honest here; COVID-19 funding was never necessary for any state. Lockdowns should’ve never occurred, and businesses forced to close their doors in the name of “public safety” did so unnecessarily. Power hungry governors like Polis know this, but as long as his powers remain unchecked, he’ll continue to spend these inflation-inducing millions however he sees fit. It’s for your safety.

The Colorado Herald