Jared stages 2 maskless media appearances and extends mask mandate in the same day

Jared Polis is not a Governor, per se. He rules, signs over 350 executive orders concerning himself with social justice, elections, and the renaming of public places…but he does not govern. , Jared insulted the meat industry of Colorado and then days later demanded that his constituents purchase magenta light bulbs for a media event that he created with two day’s notice…because that’s what he does-e he makes ridiculous demands.

Jared has spent this last year calling those who don’t wear masks “selfish bastards” while he toured a cheese farm in September. He has completed more media fluff pieces than most governors would ever desire. If people didn’t laugh at him, he would probably carry a selfie stick and have a very active Snapchat account.

While Jared quietly extended Colorado’s mask mandate for another thirty days today, he made two media appearances today while not wearing a mask. Jared staged a planned photo-op at JBS in Greeley this morning to tout the vaccine and pretend he likes the meat industry. Sure, there’s an alleged pandemic ravaging the streets of Colorado and claiming the lives of almost six-thousand people whom Jared says we must remember with pink light bulbs. But if there’s one thing Jared can’t pass up, it’s a photo-op or media appearance of any kind.

After doing whatever it is Jared does all day when he left JBS meat-packing, he scooted over to the Colorado Capitol for another planned media event, his . During that event, Polis also spoke without a mask.

COVID-19 is arriving at its next phase soon, the one in which re-opening spreads massively. However, Jared Polis continues to play partisan politics, sign sweeping executive orders into law in the middle of the night, and take cute pictures rather than govern. Colorado will be locked down much longer than most states because Polis is loving COVID-19.