Influenza cases 2019-2020 – 38 million; Influenza cases 2020-2021 – 1,822

In news that non-COVID-19 fanatics already knew, influenza is gone. It’s been replaced by PIC, the CDC’s catchy term for pneumonia, influenza, or COVID-19-like illness.

Everything is , and that’s why there are 38 million fewer flu cases this year…to create a pandemic that doesn’t exist by labeling the flu and pneumonia as COVID-19. Anything that looks like the flu, COVID, or pneumonia is now PIC, so it gets coded as COVID. PIC is short for pneumonia, influenza, or COVID-19. Readers should question why three separate illnesses are reported as one.

There should be 143-152 flu patients hospitalized per week in Colorado. The state reports there are only three patients on average the last . CDPHE wants citizens to believe that a 95.5% reduction in hospitalized flu patients occurred. It didn’t.

Hospitals are busy every winter. The CDC is lying about the seriousness of the “pandemic” because there isn’t one. Hospitals allegedly setup for excess flu patients, but this year the CDC and media are calling a large portion of those excess flu hospitalizations Coronavirus patients.

Since on average , and 10,000-65,000 die each year of the flu, a “PIC number of 70,000 is important. There are no more influenza deaths, pneumonia deaths, and COVID deaths this year than any normal year prior. If COVID were killing so many people, the CDC’s new “PIC” would be higher than the expected number of flu and pneumonia deaths because the deadliest virus ever to hit the planet would’ve claimed more than an average flu season.

There is no pandemic.