Hope for workers: OSHA says mandatory work vaccines are finable work-related injuries

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If your employer makes you get vaccinated, you have a very easy means of leveling the playing field by reporting any missed work or sickness due to the vaccine to OSHA. Missing a day of work is enough to qualify as a workplace injury by OSHA guidelines.

For employers that want to get completely out of control and mandate vaccines, claiming “right to hire,” know that if an employee is vaccinated because their employer compelled them to do so, and an injury occurs, it’s recorded as a “workplace injury” by OSHA…good luck with the monetary and legal repercussions.

One injury would likely shut down most businesses monetarily speaking…unless their general liability covers vaccine events. Does it? Will many insurance companies pay claims if an employee is hospitalized, reports it as an injury, and later sues for millions of dollars?

Additionally, if states don’t pass legislation to ban vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines, how messy will the court system become with such cases? It seems like anyone from people who became sick/missed work and/or hostile employees will wreak havoc with “workplace injuries,” defined by OSHA…which will drive up employers’ commercial insurance rates, also.

OSHA fines typically run between $5,000 and $13653, depending on the severity of the offense. OSHA hasn’t yet defined the fines for vaccine injuries, but most of the fines on its website fall into the $13653 range.

How much are businesses willing to lose in the name of “safety?”

The Colorado Herald