Updated: Hank Aaron dies 17 days after COVID-19 vaccine

Updated 1/25/21: TMZ reports that a representative for FCME stated today that Aaron died of natural causes, not the vaccine. According to Hank’s associates, he had no side effects from the shot during the seventeen days between the vaccination and his death.

Hank Aaron was excited and proud to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on January 5th. He tweeted his news out to the world and encouraged others to get vaccinated.

Hank getting the shot

Seventeen days later, on January 22nd, Aaron died. He had no other health conditions except for a hip replacement and arthritis. Aaron, 86, was healthy, alive, and well just over two weeks ago. He passed away in his sleep, with no cause of death determined yet, seventeen days after he received his vaccine.

Elderly COVID-19 vaccine recipients are dying at an alarming rate. The New York Post reported Monday that twenty-three people in Norway have died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, with thirteen of those deaths directly from the vaccine…all long-term care facility residents. According to the media and “health experts,” the public should not be alarmed. Norway is also probing the deaths of two more elderly people who died last week after receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

The Commons on St. Anthony, a nursing home in Auburn, New York, saw twenty-four deaths since December 21st, which the Rand Paul Institute questioned on January 5th as attributable to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. However, the facility, via Julie Sheedy, its representative, maintain that the deaths were from COVID-19 or old age, not the vaccine. Sheedy will not provide the number of elderly vaccinated residents who died since December 22nd.

One of the first Swiss cities to receive the vaccine, Lucerne also saw a potential COVID-19 vaccine death at a long-term care facility. The facility did not report the patient’s worsening condition after receiving the shot to physicians or staff. The patient in question received the Pfizer vaccine and deteriorated quickly.

Both China and Norway have backed off of vaccinating the elderly as they die at alarming rates. China has even called for the Pfizer vaccine to be contraindicated in the elderly.

Nevertheless, media sources and “health experts” urge that the vaccine is safe for those of all ages, including the elderly.