Growing resistance: Elizabeth, CO considering COVID-19 sanctuary resolution

Elizabeth, Colorado, a “rural surprise” about an hour’s drive from Denver or Colorado Springs, is a quickly growing city that at present is struggling to keep up with its increasing population.

Its population is expanding so rapidly that it’s been touted as one of Colorado’s greatest little surprises, which excites Trustee Bret Wade.

Problematically for Elizabeth, the commute to larger cities such as Castle Rock is a long one, and Elizabethans may not want or need to drive twenty minutes for groceries.

Elizabeth is considering passing a resolution similar to Monument’s, which would declare the town immune to COVID-19 orders such as lockdowns and masks orders.

In fact, the town of Monument has succeeded, at least thus far, in completely bucking Governor Polis’s unnecessary and unconstitutional lockdowns and mask orders. A quick stroll through downtown Monument shows several restaurants, bars, and retail shops paying no mind to occupancy limits, mask orders, or social distancing…the way a city should be run, thanks to Mayor Don Wilson.

Trustee Dunn met with Mayor Wilson of Monument Friday morning to entertain the idea of his small town following in Monument’s footsteps. Wilson has led the charge to protect Monument from Governor Polis’s unnecessary executive orders, as he led the charge to make Monument a Red Flag Law sanctuary city last year. Wilson has no patience or tolerance for the state government infringing on people’s freedoms, preventing business owners from earning a living.

Critics slammed Wilson and Monument’s resolution for being simply a “token,” words without any merit. But Monument has not been touched by Polis, and his dictatorial behavior since Wilson and the Board of Trustees passed the resolution. The symbolism of the resolution is important; it dares the state and Polis to override Monument officials and citizens’ will, which hasn’t occurred as of today.

If more cities across Colorado followed Wilson’s lead and said “NO” to Governor Polis, who has not dared to challenge Monument’s resolution, as evidenced by Monument’s essentially “free” town, then this state of constant Big Brother communism in Colorado’s large and small cities might end sooner rather than later.

Elizabeth Trustee Wade is in the preliminary stages of gathering feedback from residents, which he says isn’t easy in such a small town. Since Wade works for the people, he seems quick to remember that their feedback is essential to any successful resolution.