Free tv’s for social justice: BLM burns and loots Minneapolis in the name of a fleeing criminal

Daunte Wright was a drug-dealing gang member who attempted to evade arrest and was subsequently shot by police on Sunday. Like George Floyd, he’s become an overnight BLM hero and inspired at least a few weeks of looting and burning, possibly another summer of looting and burning.

BLM loots for social justice

Daunte Wright was shot and killed by a Minneapolis Police Officer during a traffic stop in which he tried to evade arrest. In attempting to drive off, Wright was shot by the officer. Consequently, BLM burned Minneapolis throughout the night and looted…because nothing says justice like free televisions.

Naisha Wright, Daunte’s nephew, called for Minneapolis to burn to the ground, and BLM gladly obliged Sunday night into Monday.

From DailyMail UK:

  • Daunte Wright, 20, was shot by a Brooklyn Center police officer on Sunday during a routine traffic stop
  • Police have not specified whether or not Wright was armed at the time of his death
  • Officers pulled over Wright for a traffic violation and determined that he had an outstanding warrant
  • Brooklyn Center Police officers then tried to arrest him but Wright ‘re-entered the vehicle’
  • One officer discharged their firearm, striking Wright while the vehicle continued to travel for several blocks before crashing into another car – Wright died while still inside the vehicle
  • Wright’s mother Katie claimed her son had called her while being pulled over to get insurance information because the vehicle had just been given to him
  • Wright’s mother said her son told her he had pulled over for having an air freshener hanging from rear view mirror, which is illegal in Minnesota

Police officers certainly aren’t gathering in the hundreds to burn down cities when their fellow officers are shot by black men (or white men), and 800 or more officers have been injured in BLM incidents. Why have BLM’s actions been condoned for almost a year now? Because the woke media and teachers’ unions, at the behest of officials like Harris, Biden, and AOC, have encouraged burning and looting as acceptable forms of public behavior.

BLM and its social media followers, as well as the mainstream media, are attempting to change the narrative. “He was murdered for having air fresheners on his rear view mirror.”

No. Wright was shot by an officer because he had an active warrant for illegal possession of a firearm (a liberal sticking point) via gang activity, and he refused to obey police commands. While the shooting may have been accidental, resisting arrest can have dire, if not deadly consequences for all, regardless of skin tone.

Not one BLM activist or finger-happy twitter activist has provided an alternative remedy to Wright’s attempt to evade arrest…other than burn, loot, murder, the BLM mantra.