Flashback: Abused CU Boulder students were not allowed to work unless hungry during mass quarantines

Before we were a website, and we operated solely off a Facebook page, CU Boulder students reached out to us, as well as the campaign for Matthew Menza, which, in addition to Menza himself, became so distressed about the plight of quarantined CU Boulder students last year, that they organized multiple trips to Boulder to deliver food to the kids who were under forced quarantine and not permitted to work or socialize.

As we detailed first, CU Boulder students suffered greatly at the hands of Governor Polis and Boulder County Health in 2020.

Reporting flyer at CU boulder

From our September 23rd, 2020 post, after a flyer surfaced wherein CU Boulder authorities created a system of reporting peers for mask and social distancing violations:

CU Boulder has denied that the University encourages students to tell on students who aren’t wearing masks. They’ve denied anything…denied students are quarantined, constantly tested. They’ve denied that students aren’t being treated fairly. Despite a recent tweet that read, “See something that puts our community at risk? Take action, talk about it. Report it,” and this QR poster that students find around campus, CU Boulder states they aren’t encouraging division amongst students. CU Regent at Large Heidi Ganahl stated in an email to a concerned citizen, “Students are not being asked to report other students for disciplinary action. But the campus will initiate discipline when students who have tested positive for COVID and are under quarantine place others at risk or when students have violated public health orders.“I also want to explain how the campus is doing testing. On-campus students are required to submit a saliva-based test once a week. If that test is positive, the student is referred to medical services for a confirmatory PCR test, which is the nasal swab test. All of the nasal swabs are administered by the medical personnel.”Despite that statement, students can scan a QR code that goes directly to a student reporting website

We are JUST getting started with CU Boulder, though…

We have reports that dozens, if not more, students, are quarantined, scared, low on food and supplies, and really terrified to report this to anyone. If you’re a student anywhere and want to anonymously message this page, please do. Reports are also circulating that there may be typical COVID foul play concerning the tests administered on campus. Those reports follow earlier accusations today that symptomatic students are forced to quarantine without food and supplies, limit bathroom usage, and limit shower time at CU Boulder Students with symptoms are given red smiley faces and told not to walk around campus. Students not wearing masks may be suspended from campus for 14 days. Matthew Menza for Colorado (Senate District 17) is bringing supplies to these students this week, and we hope that his campaign is successful in bringing these students meals and answers.

In a letter that read more like an internal prison letter, Boulder officials forbade students from leaving strict quarantine unless to seek COVID tests, exercise alone, or vote. The letter said that voting by mail was preferred. Failure to comply would result in criminal prosecution.

Letter sent 9/23 to Boulder students

Boulder County Public Health actually told students they could not work unless they were low on food. Students were pitted against each other in mask versus no mask politics, propagated by Gestapo-like tactics. Students turned on each other like BLM and the Proud Boys; Boulder created a mentality where half the student population hated the other half through its blatant overreach, symbolic of the US today.

CU Boulder students experienced a year’s worth of serious injustices, and those injustices were never made right. Instead, CU Boulder continues to be a place of total tyranny, sending police officers to intervene in peaceful assemblies and then blaming students who no longer accept their own oppression.

The CU Boulder students, like Colorado, have had enough. This should serve as warning to Polis and other blue governors; the people are done, and the resistance is becoming stronger each day. If some power is not returned to the people, they will begin taking it back via unpredictable and uncontrollable means.