FEC United member and lead GOP chair threatens, doxxes health dept employees

On Monday, Mark Hall, former Parker city councilman candidate and Lead Chair of the Parker Republicans, posted a series of threats against CDPHE employees and published several addresses of the employees in a Facebook group that he runs.

Douglas County Republicans and Parker Republicans were quick to denounce Mark’s actions, and Mark also issued an apology on his personal page.

Problematically for Mark, FEC United, and the DougCo, Parker Republicans, this isn’t the first time Hall has doxxed and threatened leftists. In Hall was reprimanded by the party for threatening Carol Funk, a local socialist King Soopers employee. He did so in July with the assistance of DCF guns and FEC United. DCF, which has morphed into a fundraising and right wing rally entity, works directly with FEC United.

Mark’s FEC pledge

Mark Hall signed his FEC pledge on September 4th, 2020, and his actions this week mirror those of FEC leaders, including doxxing and threats. Other elected officials and candidates who have signed the include:

  • Alannah Archer
  • Dr. Hans Hoccheim
  • Peg Cage
  • Lynn Gerber
  • Vicki Marble
  • Doug Townsend
  • Nancy Pallozzi
  • Bob Roth
  • Casper Stockham
  • Samantha Koch
  • Johnny Woodley
  • Dean Titterington
  • Bill Mcaleb
  • Larry Braig
  • Laurel Imer
  • Vanessa Demott
  • Anthony Caputo
  • Caroline Cornell
  • Kim Ransom
  • Robert Andrews
  • Mark Baisley
  • Richard Champion
  • Mike Lynch
  • Donna Walter
  • Jeff Toborg
  • Laura Hefta
  • Nathan Matthews
  • Jeff Baker
  • Lora Thomas
  • Joni Inman
  • Ben Aste
  • Lori Saine

The doxxing tactic isn’t a new one employed by FEC United; Joe Oltmann was criticized for threatening journalists in October. John “Tig” Tiegen, in August, in reference to Kyle Rittenhouse’s shooting, “That’s why I say NICE F@&k shot Kyle!”

The Parker Republicans and DougCo Republicans have absolved themselves of Mark Hall’s wrong-doing, and the public cannot hold the party liable for the actions of one man. But neither DougCo Republicans nor Parker Republicans have condemned FEC or made any effort to separate the party from the militant fringe group, actions which are much more crucial than condemning Mark himself.

El Paso County GOP as well, for a series of charity events, since the El Paso County GOP wasn’t able to plan events of their own or help conservatives get elected this year. In the month that El Paso GOP has maintained a relationship with FEC, GOP Executive Committee members have cried foul. The merger was never cleared by anyone but the chair herself, Vickie Tonkins.

Additionally, GOP Exec Committee members are left confused about the last event, a charity event for restaurant workers. FEC United’s volunteers raised thousands of dollars in monetary and gift donations, but those were never added to FEC’s finances or the GOP’s finances.

Commenters on Facebook today have called for both Commissioner Lora Thomas and Mayor Jeff Toborg to denounce both the FEC and Mark Hall. Both Lora and Jeff have maintained close, personal relationships with FEC leaders and also signed their FEC pledges. Neither have done so as of this writing.

The more cozy the GOP gets with the FEC, the more drama. More importantly, the actions of FEC, by way of fundraising and vigilante efforts, often border on aggressive. State and county parties who have not denounced the group are in for a rude awakening.