Fauci: wear 2 masks because China has extras to sell

Nine months ago, when asked by media and several elected officials, Fauci contended that there was no real need for Americans to wear two masks. Two masks aren’t better than one, Fauci claimed.

But this week, Fauci, the most fickle “scientist” on the planet, changed his stance on double masking. Why?

As dozens of mask studies have definitively proven, masks do not work to prevent the spread of any viruses, not even in medical settings. There’s no good reason to wear them, yet Fauci and the CDC, as well as democratic legislators and governors, push masks like a pain doctor with oxycontin pills in the rural Appalachia’s. Take this; it works.

There are two main reasons why masks are pushed at all, and those same reasons are now used to push double masking;

Reason One: Fear-mongering. Two masks make the public feel like COVID-19 is much more deadly than it actually is. The current death rate for those who do contract one of the Coronaviruses is under two-percent, but two masks look more ominous. Three masks look even scarier.

Reason Two: Surgical masks: Fauci has pushed surgical masks for a year now. As recent headlines purport, “Fauci recommends two masks!” “It may be time for a face mask upgrade!”

In other words, if two cloth masks are uncomfortable, which they inevitably will be, and three masks are even more uncomfortable, trade them in for one or two surgical masks.

According to AsiaNews, after the initial surge of mask needs last spring, as the mask shortage died down, Chinese mask factories found themselves with millions of extra masks. As those mask makers found themselves in an inescapable predicament, with economic projections giving only five-percent of the over one hundred-thousand Chinese mask factories any projection of survival, the CCP grabbed the most profitable cash-strapped mask factories from Chinese citizens looking for quick cash sales as fast as the less profitable factories closed their doors in China.

“‘There are so many producers and the industry has become too competitive for us to cover our costs. We’ve been making KN95 masks, but as domestic demand has been falling, we are turning to overseas market. We just can’t get the necessary licenses within a short period.’”

“Shi, a trader of medical supplies, said that overseas demand for masks remains strong, but the requirements to obtain certification from the US Food and Drug Administration or the CE marking from the EU are barriers that stand between supply and demand.”

That’s why those masks are often flown on chartered flights to Korea for certification or are fraudulently US certified before US for mass usage.

As South China Morning News reports, the wheels have fallen off the mask-making Chinese gravy train, and the CCP needs to save its struggling factories…at the expense of overseas markets, the only place left to dump those masks.

A quick search on Amazon and Groupon shows just how many cheap Chinese masks flood the US market today. While the companies selling them list themselves as small US LLC’s, they’re anything but United States companies.

Soho Medical Care, just one of the mask companies selling masks on Groupon, proclaims on its website that it “ships masks to New York.” The key word there is “ships,” as the company is a logistics operation. We reached out to Soho and asked for some company information. The receptionist, whose Chinese accent is so thick that she cannot be understood, is named “Stephanie.” She cannot tell us where the PPE comes from, but she can tell us that there is a US office for Soho in California.

When the CCP unleashed COVID-19 on the world, it didn’t count on the world’s ability to adapt in ultra meaningful ways, via cloth masks made by elderly church ladies, teenagers, and a storm of Etsy and eBay merchants. Fauci should have coordinated the mask plan better with the Chinese government to deem cloth masks “less effective” a year ago. Since he didn’t, he now needs to backtrack and call for two masks, three masks…

“Trade your two cloth masks for a more comfortable surgical mask.”

You don’t need to wear two masks; you don’t even need to wear one mask. But Fauci and the CDC will push multiple masks on unsuspecting Americans because China has a huge mask problem. China didn’t expect US citizens to gravitate towards the more comfortable and less medical-feeling face masks. By and large, the Chinese avoid cloth masks and opt for more traditional surgical masks.

The CCP needs Americans to buy more Chinese masks, and if they don’t, China will have enough extra masks for the next one-hundred years.