Facebook begins offering support for people to report “extremists and extremism”

Facebook users woke up Thursday morning to news that Communism had, once again, invaded their social media profiles.

“We care about preventing extremism on Facebook. Others in your situation have received confidential support.”

“Violent groups try to manipulate your anger and disappointment. You can take action now to rote this yourself and others.”

How did facebook determine who received these messages? To put it bluntly, they probably were not sent to the BLM agitators posting that their followers should “burn it down” or “kill every cop alive.” On the contrary, Facebook seemingly targeted “white supremacists” again. The pop-ups spread all over social media Thursday, with jokes abounding as people across the US weren’t allowed to view facebook without clicking “get support,” the suggested button, or “close,” the background button.

 “white supremacists” to be “the most lethal threat” to the US. He had no factual basis to make that claim; he simply said it to further divide the US into the loved democrats and racist republicans. Biden continues to set the stage for . Did the powers that be at Facebook believe that Americans would wake up Thursday morning, see a Facebook pop-up, and decide to turn in their friends for not believing the same things they do?

Somewhere along the line, the plan for New World Order and cleansing the US of its dreaded Republicans fell off track…somewhere along the line, too few people believed that mass vaccinations, BLM masks, and social justice would carry us into the next 100 years, and we soundly rejected wokeism. Still, big tech and China Joe continue to push CCP censorship on the US population as if its people will lie down and take it like the Chinese.

As reported by , Facebook actively recruits Chinese nationals, mostly with ties to the CCP, to conduct its fact-checking. And why wouldn’t Facebook hire communists rather than American people? After all, communism is the goal.

 claims the pop-ups are harmless; “Facebook said the small test, which is only on its main platform, was running in the United States as a pilot for a global approach to prevent radicalization on the site.”

“Facebook said in the test it was identifying both users who may have been exposed to rule-breaking extremist content and users who had previously been the subject of Facebook’s enforcement.”

Even if people had concerns that their neighbors were becoming “extremists,” why would they reach out to Facebook via a pop-up ad for help? Clearly, the extremism mentioned in the pop-ups is vague enough to support all kinds of “extremists…” the dreaded conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, Trump voters.

Where does right-wing “extremism” end with the radical left, that to which Mark Zuckerberg, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, allude to, end? Is it anyone present at the Capitol on January 6th, people opposed to critical race theory, people who own guns? People who won’t wear masks, believe COVID-19 is overblown? Where does it end?

Who knows? When society gives the government, namely one party, enough power to close down businesses, restrict people’s faces, shut down their social media accounts, terminate their employment, and cancel their lives, who knows where it ends?

Clearly, Zuckerberg isn’t stopping anytime soon. Neither is Fauci. Neither is Biden, and neither is Harris. Just look to the border crisis, skyrocketing gas prices, foreign wars, unprecedented violence across most major US cities, and public strife and division never before seen to remember just how insignificant your politics, values, and lives actually are.

Black lives matter. Whatever that means anymore in 2021. You, the average American, do not.

Expect a knock at the door any day. It’s either the COVID-19 Community Corps, there to offer you the vaccine or ask why you won’t get vaccinated, or it’s some government entity, sent by Facebook to check on your “extremist behavior…” all courtesy of your neighbors and big tech, the new Gestapo…there to support the leftist, big pharma, “anti-racist,” woke.

Welcome to the sad society we created, perhaps not the one we voted for….but the one we allow.

~Irma Rovva