Facebook: Colorado Herald was right- people are dying of the COVID-19 vaccine…ban lifted

In early March, the Colorado Herald was thrown into the for 30 days. The offense in question was a post about a woman who received the vaccine in Utah and passed away just days later, making her the third vaccine death in Utah at that time.

Clearly, the Facebook Ministry of Truth did not appreciate word getting out about four people who died in one state, Utah, within days of receiving the new gene therapy cocktail.

Previously, the Colorado Herald has served 30 day stints in Facebook jail for posting:

  • Mask studies that contradict that masks are the saving grace of the USA (twice)
  • A list of Governor Polis’s orders, including “the New Normal Advisory Board” 

The Facebook powers that be have been in control of your life and the information you receive for quite some time. Big Tech reigns supreme, and it really wants everyone in the country to be vaccinated and wear masks. However, even Big Tech isn’t able you stifle all of the vaccine injuries and deaths occurring across the world.

There are clear from the COVID-19 vaccine, just as there is clear evidence that COVID-19 is overblown. There’s also clear evidence that . But thanks to the fact that Big Tech controls the media, science, elected officials, and every aspect of our lives today, evidence no longer matters. Science is what the left says it is, and opinions are no longer wanted or needed.

In fact, attempted to criminalize and fine unpopular opinions or anything that the Governor’s Communist Commission on speech deems “dangerous, conspiratorial, or hateful.”

Facebook apparently believed that vaccine deaths are misinformation. To date, 5208 deaths related to the vaccine have been , a number far greater than the number of people who actually died from COVID-19 once comorbidities such as obesity, overdoses, and myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) are ruled out. Eerily, reports from across the nation paint a picture of hospital systems that are suppressing vaccine injuries and deaths. At Houston Methodist, the hospital that infamously forced its employees to become vaccinated in early June, nurses of the vaccine injuries they’re not allowed to report.

Since the implementation of the gene therapy cocktail, of myocarditis in younger vaccine recipients have been received. The CDC isn’t overly worried about heart inflammation in younger people, at least not as worried as it was about COVID-19. The CCP-entangled organization will meet June 18th to discuss such incidents, at which point in time it will probably determine the vaccine is “safe and effective…” liberal buzz words for “under studied and suspicious.”

The left is using “misinformation” as a means to stifle free speech, but the left did not count on the millions of Americans who don’t care about being “woke,” don’t care about being called “anti-vaxxers,” “racist,” “white supremacist grandma killers,” or any other baseless insult.

I didn’t care about any of those allegations or word salad when I posted the above post that landed this page in Facebook jail, and neither should you. This country is far too large, educated, and immune to communism to suffer the woes of free speech censorship. Eventually, the truth always comes to light.

COVID-19 was , and .

~Irma Rovva