Bill Mcleod more deeply exploring US Senate run?

In February of this year, that Bill Mcleod could possibly run for US Senate after one of his friends registered six domain names associated with .

That same month, when questioned about a possible run by , Bremer was quoted as saying, “‘I considered it a wise move, considering all the questions we’ve been getting. My name started getting out there and I started getting some calls around that, so I said I probably ought to grab these.”

“‘…All I can say is, it’s not something that I’ve been putting any thought into. There’s absolutely no chance of an imminent announcement,’” Bremer stated to Ernest Luning on February 16th.

Then, Bremer became a bit more active in national politics. On May 8th, Bremer hosted Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack at his and his wife, El Paso County Commissioner Cami Bremer’s, home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cammack gave a lengthy speech to over two-hundred guests in attendance at Bremer’s “El Paso County Spring Soirée.”

Then, on Thursday, several people in El Paso County received texts that took them to a 20-question survey about Colorado politics.

The survey asks questions such as “What is your opinion of Senator Michael Bennett?” Another survey question asks, “If the election for US Senator from Colorado was held today, would you vote to re-elect Senator Bennett?”

Bremer was contacted about the survey and states that he doesn’t know where it came from or who paid for it. With so many exploratory and political committees in the fray, it’s hard to say who originated the survey.

When asked Thursday June 10th, Bremer explained, “I’ve talked with numerous national entities who said they had written off Colorado but are reevaluating if I should enter the race. I’ve received substantial encouragement and offers for support from around the state and the country should I move forward with a challenge of Michael Bennet.”

“This is not an easy race and not one that can be won without the right candidate and the right campaign. I look at it like I did when training for the Olympics. You have to have the right person, the right team around them, and the right resources to even have a chance to succeed. There are folks who I don’t think appreciate how difficult it is to run a winning campaign as a Republican statewide in Colorado, and they’re not taking this seriously.”

“I respect that should I run, this will probably be the most difficult of the winnable senate races for Republicans nationwide; and it would require nothing short of being the best-run campaign in our recent history in Colorado to have a chance at winning.”

Bremer is an Olympic pentathlete and has earned national recognition for his anti-corruption work within the US Olympic Movement. Bremer is regarded as a in Olympic media and an expert in Olympic governance. As former Chair of El Paso County Republicans, Bremer’s leadership continuously moved the party forward.

Joy Hoffman, a close friend of Eli and Cami Bremer, says that the exploratory survey makes a lot of sense. According to Hoffman, Bill Mcleod’s sensitivity to how tough of a Senate race this would be means that Bremer is approaching this race with the same high level of thought, analysis, and tenacity as he does everything else in life.

Hoffman explains, “I know Eli is taking this possibliity VERY seriously, he has been having conversations all over the place, Denver, DC, everywhere. He’s an Olympic athlete so I am sure he doing his diligence and will come extremely well prepared. This is a very serious race and we need serious candidates who are focused on winning next November, Eli has been battle tested as a champion for Olympic reforms in DC, so I am sure he will be ready.”

In other words, if Bremer runs for US Senate, he’s going to do so to win.

Regan Miller, Denver Republican Party Vice Chair and close confidant of the Bremer’s, was also contacted regarding the survey. “I think Eli is a viable candidate who can appeal to the masses. He has experience and is extremely passionate about our country which is obvious to me due to his service in the Air Force and representing the US in the Olympics.”

Bremer is approaching the US Senate race like an Olympic pentathlon; he’s assessing the challenge, mounting the fight of his life, and deciding if and when to step into battle. But between only February and June, it seems Bremer is walking closer to entering the race than the public may realize.

For now, Bremer will continue “exploring” the viability of a US Senate run. On June 12th, the Bremer family will host Texas Congressman at their home for the “Fiesta with Pfluger” event, another massive El Paso County party with plenty of elected officials, candidates, activists, and socialites in attendance.

~Irma Rovva