Dr. Fauci’s greatest lie: the China virus-don’t forget it

As we have asserted here since the beginnings of the COVID-19 event, Fauci is in bed with China.

When COVID-19 was initially ushered in, Governor Polis, Newsom, Pritzker, and dozens of other Governors made illicit deals with the CCP, via cashless deals brokered by the Bank of China and other CCP-controlled financial powerhouses, to charter fly Chinese PPE, not regulated or taxed by any entity, to US airports for distribution to their respective cities. In each transaction (there were thousands), six or seven figures worth of PPE was brokered for the American officials via CCP financing, leaving political favors to run amuck. At least half of US governors, in fact, made deals with the CCP itself.

As mask sales and PPE deals with China initially soared at the beginning of COVID-19, and mask factories in China were closed for Coronavirus outbreaks, conveniently, the CCP bought over ninety percent of said factories from the Chinese people, unable to run them. Dozens of CCP-run factories, to this day, use slave labor by forcing the Uighur people, who the CCP is actively exterminating via genocide, to make masks.

Masks do not work. Masks were simply used to 1) make trade deals with China and 2) serve as figurative carrots for becoming vaccinated. “Get the vaccine so you can take off the mask.” Fauci knew this all along; anyone who still believes the “doctor” is making daily decisions about your health based on anything but politics has lost all sense of reality.

In April, Dr. Wen of the CDC cautioned on opening too early, “We have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status,” Wen said. “Because otherwise, if everything is reopened, then what’s the carrot going to be? How are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine?”

Now, Fauci admits what the “conspiracy theorists” knew all along: that released the infamous “virus” was funded by National Institutes of Health. Though Fauci denies that the $600,000 given to the Wuhan lab was for “gain of function research,” he doesn’t tell the truth about anything.

Back in , a Chinese virologist spoke on Tucker Carlson about her work in the Wuhan lab, as well as evidence that the virus was lab-created and released by Communist China to cause damage.

The virologist that the genome has man-made sequences, which is the same contention made by scientists in the Spring after a lengthy genetic study.

She stated in September, an idea most reading this article have believed for some time, that the virus or whatever it is was created by the Communist party, and this is a communist agenda the US is experiencing, but that no one can speak out against the party out of fear of repercussions.

Readers cannot find the easily and without google fact checkers, just like people can’t find most massive COVID-19 lies without an exhaustive search that takes hours.

If true, the virologist’s assertions backed up the claim that many elected officials and Americans have spouted for months….CHINA.

However, the mainstream media did not interview this virologist nor look into her claims (assuming she does not end up dead). In fact, it’s the most astonishing claim of the decade, and it received no attention from MSM.

Additionally, Facebook would not allow the interview with Tucker Carlson to circulate, and Facebook overlords called her claims “baseless.”

Now, since overwhelming evidence has surfaced that makes the Wuhan lab story even more plausible, has stopped censoring posts that call the virus man-made or made in the Chinese lab.

As Big Tech races to erase the term “China virus,” born from mainstream media’s stories about the virus, and Biden signs executive orders aimed at anti-Asian hate and eradicating the term “China virus” from federal language, the truth is coming out faster than it can be contained.

The term “China virus” has been blamed on Donald Trump and attributed to the media’s sham idea of “Asian hate,” which is mostly perpetrated by Asians and black people and over-reported like Coronavirus deaths. 

The virus is believed to have escaped from a Wuhan lab as Chinese scientists studied bat Coronaviruses. According to , the virus started in a lab in Wuhan, China while Chinese lab workers nefariously worked on bat Coronaviruses. If China didn’t want Americans to have ill feelings towards the Chinese, then it shouldn’t have released a “deadly virus” on the world and then attempted to cover up the entire disaster.

No matter how offensive Biden and the left wants the term to be interpreted, “China virus” should never be retired because Americans should never forget how this “virus” landed in America, who sent it here, and who continues to destroy the fabric of our nation…China.

Fauci should be fired and criminally charged for conspiring with a Communist nation and continuously lying to the American people. Aside from Fauci, the larger question in this scenario is still why?

Why do Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden, as well as the CDC and WHO, want you to get this vaccine so badly that they’ll lie and cheat to get the vaccine into your arm?

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