DougCo parents should create a “Zoom blackout” and refuse online learning

Teachers’ unions nationwide have served as an impetus to children’s learning since the start of the COVID-19 saga; and parents must take back their rights to a public education for which they pay taxes. They’ve demanded everything under the sun, from PPE to social justice curriculum, throwing around their collective weight like never before, under the guise of COVID-19.

Unlike most professions, teachers hold massive power within the teachers’ unions. In cities across the US, unions now cry racism at the premise of going back to work…in person, despite the fact that “Coronavirus” barely spreads in schools.

It’s high time that parents, who are increasingly at the mercy of teachers’ unions via the public education system, let the unions know who pays their salaries.

Douglas County Federation, DougCo’s Union, with its twenty-two page “manual” on reopening, is charged with the education of DougCo students, and it demands no teacher evaluations this year and an isolation room for COVID-19 cases, amongst other pipe dreams. Of course, like all teachers’ unions DCF also demands a halt to student testing. Unions argue that standardized testing is “racist,” but critics argue that in the absence of teacher evaluations and student testing, there’s no barometer for teachers’ performance…convenient for the unions.

At present, the Douglas County School Board is complying with DCF and other statewide unions, rather than looking at the data and sending kids back to in person classes. A recall of school board members has been initiated by local Nate Ormond, and it’s gained momentum as of late.

Additionally, in order to not only speed up the process of stopping unions from their further overreach and destruction of public education, DougCo parents could consider a blackout.

In Los Angeles,

“Parent frustration is growing over what they see as another delay tactic by the school district as it struggles to come to an agreement with the United Teachers Los Angeles union. The teachers union is opposed to reopening schools out of concern for staff and student health and safety.”

Los Angeles

Parents in Los Angeles have formed a group, UPLA, United Parents of Los Angeles, to fight the union where the school district has failed. The parents are planning a Zoom blackout Monday to stand against the teachers’ union’s endless demands.

Douglas County parents and other school districts that have found themselves in a power struggle with teachers’ unions need to take the power back. Since online education for school aged children has proven to be worthless at best, and a dismal failure at worst, there’s no inherent value for DougCo parents to keep their kids in Zoom classes, and a zoom blackout lets the unions know

  • Just how much of a failure online school actually is
  • Parents are in charge, not unions.
  • Kids won’t be going back into school until it’s in person.
  • Union demands won’t be met.
  • Unions will lose their power once and for all.

DougCo teachers, and those who refuse to teach, should lose their jobs. Since unions were formed as a barrier to that, its time to take that barrier down. Parents should discontinue negotiating with those who behave with terrorists and refuse Zoom learning.