DougCo GOP gets creative: Saturday morning road rally

In first ever for the Douglas County GOP, the party will host a road rally on Saturday, August 28th. Participants are asked to arrive at Cabela’s in Lone Tree by 8am this Saturday for a fun-filled family event.

The flag will wave at 8:45, and a series of clues will be placed along two different routes. Participants will be awarded based on their solving of clues, not the speed of their vehicles, as that would pose a possible safety threat.

The event will feature lunch, available from , and a freedom rally in the afternoon. More details are available when for $40 per vehicle (not per person).

Thanks to Joe Medina, the owner of , the Road Rally features a brand new Ford Bronco as well as a DJ to welcome in participants at the finish line. The freedom rally that follows the Road Rally should be a fun event, as well.

Steve Collier, Second Vice Chair of the DougCo GOP, better explains the concept of a road rally in a for the DougCo GOP’s event this Saturday. Families are welcome, and with attendees from several counties already RSVP’d, the event should be a great opportunity for networking and meeting new friends.

While the hefty price tag of many GOP events attracts a large crowd, and those funds are crucial to the success of the party, the novelty and affordability of the Road Rally could draw in party newcomers and families otherwise deterred from evening soirées.

Tickets are still available . This is shaping up to be an event you don’t want to miss.

~Irma Rovva

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