Denver riots commence 4/20 at 6:30 pm despite guilty verdict in Floyd trial

Tonight, rioters will meet again at the Denver Capitol at 6:30 for more shows of feelings, free televisions, and more spray painted buildings.

As we continue to assert, the verdict in the George Floyd case is meaningless; people hell bent on destroying this country don’t care about justice. They care about their own feelings only.

There is no word yet whether or not Tay Anderson will be at the riots tonight.

Knowing Anderson’s propensity for violence and anything anti-police, he will be there somewhere in full black garb. If anyone happens to get pictures of him, please send them here.

Otherwise, expect the usual Antifa crowd, sans very many black people, because it’s not really black people who show up to these crying and looting festivals. Most of the attendees seem to be social and societal misfits who found their place in Denver by quitting their full time jobs and selling drugs in the local homeless encampments.

Feelings, not facts…the battle cry of the left in 2021.