Denver brings back 8pm howl: fear-mongering propaganda needed as more people reject fake pandemic

For reasons obviously not related to healthcare workers, Denver has reinstated its 8pm howl .” The move reads more like a Chinese state-owned media piece than something that would happen in 2021, but here we are…yet again. The move comes as on restaurants and gatherings, obviously displeasing leftists who desire more government control.

The 8pm howl was created in April 2020 to serve as a reminder to Coloradoans that there was a pandemic; without masks, restrictions, and virtue signaling pieces like the howl, voters might forget that a family of always-existing viruses were present. The media painted healthcare workers not only as heroes, but as victims in the contrived pandemic. “If you don’t wear a mask, you don’t love nurses. Do your part.”

The Denver howl June, 2020

The 8 pm howl served to guilt Denverites into compliance.

As time passed, and people realized that healthcare workers are no more of heroes today than they were in 2019, the howl faded. By mid-June, only the faint cries of a few COVID-fans could be heard each night. By the end of July, Denverites would have a hard time hearing a single soul howling for Polis and the media’s propaganda.

That’s not to say that healthcare workers don’t deserve respect, as they do. But healthcare workers aren’t heroes; they’re paid to do their jobs, just the same as all Americans.

The media and CCP-driven officials like Governor Polis, however, hammered the idea into people’s heads that “staying home and wearing a mask is the respectable thing to do…for our nurses.” And in fact, the howl was propagated by Polis and born in , where Chinese people sang “in solidarity” each evening during the “pandemic” in China. This move is pure propaganda, plain and simple.

Since the WHO fixed their “erroneous” PCR tests on January 20th, Colorado, like the rest of the US, has seen a vast decrease in the number of people who have some type of Coronavirus. In the entire state of Colorado, less than 350 people are hospitalized with some type of virus that has inevitably been labeled as COVID-19. There are normally more people in the hospital for the flu during flu season, but reason has gone out the window.

Colorado has , and none of them are overwhelmed. They never were overwhelmed. If 337 patients are hospitalized “for COVID-19,” then each hospital in the state has less than 3 “COVID” patients. Yet Denver resurrected its propaganda to “howl” for healthcare “heroes,” who are the doctors and nurses and doctors who became talking points for the liberal media and overreaching officials to shame the public into compliance.

It’s amazing how quickly hospitalizations declined when the PCR thresholds . There never was a pandemic, so all that’s left is propaganda. Now, overreaching officials like Polis and Hancock must resurrect the CCP-type propaganda that instilled fear into Coloradoans for months.

Howl again, Denver. Those 2 1/2 “COVID-19 patients” per hospital are really crushing our “healthcare heroes.” Don’t you love nurses? Do not question the propaganda; do what you’re told like compliant Coloradoans.