Up to 54 elderly patients dead of COVID-19 vaccine

On December 6th, Dr. Kelly Moore, Associate Director of the Immunization Action Coalition, told the Gwinnett Daily Post that elderly people might die after receiving the vaccine. Kelly stressed to the public not to worry if Grandma dies; it’s because she’s old, not because of the vaccine.

“‘One of the things we want to make sure people understand is that they should not be unnecessarily alarmed if there are reports, once we start vaccinating, of someone or multiple people dying within a day or two of their vaccination who are residents of a long-term care facility. That would be something we would expect, as a normal occurrence, because people die frequently in nursing homes,’” Kelly lauds.

Kelly was correct; residents of long-term care facilities who are receiving COVID-19 vaccines are dying at an alarming rate. The New York Post reports today that twenty-three people in Norway have died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, with thirteen of those deaths directly from the vaccine…all long-term care facility residents. As Kelly stated, the public should not be alarmed. Norway is also probing the deaths of two more elderly people who died last week after receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

The Commons on St. Anthony, a nursing home in Auburn, New York, saw twenty-four deaths since December 21st, which the Rand Paul Institute questioned on January 5th as attributable to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. However, the facility, via Julie Sheedy, its representative, maintain that the deaths were from COVID-19 or old age, not the vaccine. Sheedy will not provide the number of elderly vaccinated residents who died since December 22nd.

This afternoon, China has called for an inquiry and potential removal of the Pfizer vaccine from circulation, citing concerns over its efficacy. Of course, China has skin in the game; its non-mRNA vaccines are, according to Yang Zhanqiu, a virologist from Wuhan University, safer than mRNA, an emerging and barely studied technology. Zhanqiu, like most Wuhan virologists, does not recommend the vaccine, especially mRNA vaccines, for people over the age of eighty. Of the thirteen Norway patients who recently died, all were above eighty years-old.

Pfizer is also investigating the death of a Florida physician who died of thrombocytopenia, a blood-clotting disorder after he died less than two days after receiving the vaccine.

This past Wednesday in San Diego, a vaccination drive was canceled and later resumed after six-shot recipients experienced allergic reactions to the Moderna vaccine.

One of the first Swiss cities to receive the vaccine, Lucerne also saw a potential COVID-19 vaccine death at a long-term care facility. The facility did not report the patient’s worsening condition after receiving the shot to physicians or staff. The patient in question received the Pfizer vaccine and deteriorated quickly.

In the fall, as the vaccine trials rolled out, AstraZeneca saw at least two deaths during trials. One death occurred in September, due to transverse myelitis, a common inflammatory reaction to vaccines. The second death, in October, was never fully explained. AstraZeneca officials later claimed the patient received the placebo rather than the vaccine.

An Australian COVID-19 vaccine trial was paused in late December when HIV fragments in the vaccine caused dozens of people since the incident to test positive for HIV. Neither the manufacturer nor the Australian government has explained why the vaccine ever contained HIV.

With the passage of several bills across the nation such as Colorado’s Senate Bill 20-163, the COVID-19 vaccine becomes less of an option and more of a requirement for most people. The city of Los Angeles announced Monday that all school-aged students will be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine before returning to school. And Big Tech has begun work on its digital COVID vaccination passport, making it easier for public and private entities to ensure patrons and students are vaccinated.

Mandatory vaccinations are definitely on the horizon, and Biden has an easy path to accomplish that with the legislature controlled by Democrats.

All vaccination injuries are tracked in VAERS. Only 0.6% of all vaccinations lead to injury reports this year, but 68% of those reports are for COVID-19 vaccination injuries. Of 1,156 reports submitted, thirty-five patients were hospitalized.

Barely any research has been done on the safety and efficacy of these vaccines, which may or may not prevent COVID-19 from spreading, most likely not. As Dr. Fauci claims, people still need to wear masks and social distance, even though the vaccine was touted as the beginning of normalcy.

In all actuality, the vaccine has been nothing but normal. The shot has been revered as a cure for sickness, a cure for racism, end to the spread, and savior for frontline workers, who admittedly don’t really want it. The COVID-19 vaccine is actually a murky cocktail of DNA, some of which may or not be HIV, and it’s causing odd reactions across the globe, including death in elderly people.