COVID-19: the orchestrated pandemic ends soon

Now that Joe Biden is President, the economies of several states and cities are opening as quickly as they shut down…because states and cities across the country are miraculously recording their lowest COVID-19 rates “since October!”

, like Colorado, claims a dramatic decrease in cases. Predictably, there’s indeed a huge case decrease; unbeknownst to the American Public, the lowered PCR cycle threshold counts for the nation the day Biden assumed office…lowering overall case counts dramatically.

According to The New York Times, which the amount of “Coronavirus” in positive PCR tests back in August, up to 90% of positive PCR results could be false positives. These tests have indicated positive COVID-19 results for chicken wings, dogs, , a goat, and zoo animals such as .

Most of the tests, additionally, are arriving from China. Mainstream media and elected officials who have made deals with the Chinese government for PPE and COVID-19 tests propagate the idea that these ; they’re not. While companies like Quest and LabCorp do have US headquarters offices, the tests are made in China. At a best case, thinly-veiled scenario, PCR tests and PPE receive South Korean or European Union certifications after pallets of the items, millions of dollars worth, arrive on chartered flights to Korea or the EU for certification and customs declarations, then head to the US as “South Korean certified tests.” At a worst case, those items come directly to the US from China on chartered flights, receive no certifications or forge ahead with fraudulent ones.

Chinese doesn’t pass US quality standards, nor does its vaccine, found to be only 50% effective. But US officials and policy-makers have of businesses and perhaps the same number of based on tests that have been questioned by entities such as the New York Post, this page, and thousands of others, for almost an entire year.

Since the WHO completely rectified the wrongs of the PCR tests on Inauguration Day, however, it could be derived that the WHO knew PCR tests were a massive issue. If the WHO knew, then why did it wait so long to change the policy?

Throughout , cities are experiencing their lowest case counts since October…that’s why. Joe Biden saved small businesses, and the vaccine saved .

also comprise a data set that’s manipulated by a system meant to disguise myocardial infarctions, self-inflicted gunshots to the head, terminal cancer, influenza, pneumonia, and cocaine overdoses as “COVID-19 deaths.” The American Public will never fully know how many loved ones were not given the respect and justice to be given their real causes of death on paper.

COVID-19 deaths aren’t exaggerated by only the overly-eager PCR tests; they’re also exaggerated by the case counting mechanisms themselves.

On May 18th, an epidemiologist at a Collin County Texas Commissioner’s Meeting the commissioners on the new procedures for coding cases as COVID. Fortunately, the meeting was recorded, and it set off alarm bells about the way COVID-19 cases are reported across the nation.

In the CDC’s case definitions, a patient is considered a positive case if the patient has symptoms (ONE symptom of cough or two symptoms of the others: body ache, headache, fever, etc) and has come into close contact with someone with COVID-19. So if a patient has symptoms and came into close contact with a case, he is considered a positive case. This leads to an 1700% increase in case numbers.

California Governor Gavin Newsom issued California’s Stay At Home order on December 3rd. LA County hospitalizations on that day, according to totaled 2,572 people. Of course, there’s no telling how many of those people were truly COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Monday, Gavin Newsom lifted the state’s Stay at Home order, and LA County COVID-19 hospitalizations allegedly totaled 6,697 people. On December 3rd, LA county “confirmed” six-hundred COVID-19 patients in ICU beds, forty-three more people under investigation (PUI). There are now 1,570 “confirmed” COVID-19 patients in ICU beds with 204 persons under investigation for COVID-19. If hospitalizations are so dire, why would Newsom rescind the Stay at Home Orders?

He wouldn’t; he knows the ICU bed data is manipulated by an exact process we’ve described here for over a month. Yesterday, finally admitted it…it’s a complicated process that might “scare the public.”

Several states have been caught manipulating hospital data, including which uses a (we calculated it very easily) of available ICU beds to create a lesser percentage of beds to instill fear in the American People. simply erases beds out of its overall hospital bed availability census.

Any patient who is hospitalized within thirty days of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, via PCR tests, is considered a COVID-19 hospitalization. If a patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 1st but broke his knee and went to the emergency room today, he would be considered a COVID-19 diagnosis. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 at the hospital is considered a COVID-19 hospitalization.

Additionally, as we reported in December, “pneumonia, influenza, or COVID related illness” now replaces pneumonia and influenza in the CDC’s reporting those illnesses and deaths. Pneumonia and influenza are both presumed to be “COVID-19 related.”

Hospitalizations are exaggerated by up to 90%, Deaths are exaggerated by forty to ninety percent, cases are exaggerated up to 1700%, and tests faulty by up to 90%.

Joe Biden is President, and a flurry of executive orders have been signed by any official eager to quickly enact the laws he’s always dreamed of, without regard for data, public input or feelings, such as . Polis has used COVID-19’s emergency declaration to pass over three-hundred orders, ranging from the “Governor’s New Normal Advisory Board” to renaming monuments and giving health departments the authority to hire based on minority status…because COVID-19 was, of course, a racial issue.

But now that has done its useful job of re-electing Biden, riots and executive orders solved racism, and the COVID-19 testing issues have been resolved, the country can turn to and this time with a new face on the $ which most Americans are making less and less of these days.

Every city and state in the nation has started to see their lowest COVID-19 rates since October. It’s almost like COVID-19 ended the day Biden became President…or if it never really began at all. The great history lesson of COVID-19 will reach its conclusion soon, but the lives and businesses lost never reached theirs, thanks to politics.

The data was always wrong, and those who took advantage of that data knew as much. Now they’ll right those wrongs and re-open their economies.