Some COVID-19 tests contain EtO-poison

Ethylene oxide is normally produced in massive quantities and is often an intermediate for ethylene glycol. EtO is also used as a fumigant in agriculture and sterilant in the medical industry. EtO is also used in COVID-19 tests.

At the beginning of the “pandemic,” sterilization techniques for PPE, such as gowns and masks used in the medical field, were called into question for use of ethylene oxide (EtO). Because PPE was in short supply, the FDA and EPA encouraged medical supply and sterilization companies to use EtO to help meet the demands for PPE.

The FDA and EPA may or may not have realized at the time that COVID-19 tests would be sterilized with ethylene oxide.

The ingredients list for FLOQSwabs, a widely used swab in COVID-19 testing, reveals that the swabs are sterilized with EtO.

According to the EPA, over-exposure to EtO causes symptoms including:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Bronchitis
  • Neurological disorders
  • Pulmonary edema
  • Emphysema
  • Irritation of dermal areas in contact
  • Irritation of eyes, skin, and respiratory passages
  • Renal failure
  • Miscarriage
  • Decreased fertility in both sexes
  • Lymphoid and breast cancer
  • Brain, organ, skin, lung cancer
  • Lymphoma and leukemia

People fall ill from both acute exposure and exposure over time to EtO, and EtO contact causes skin, eye, and membrane irritation. Therefore, COVID-19 tests that insert EtO-laden swabs one to two inches into the nasal passage seem ill-advised. Would readers swab Q-tips with gasoline and then use them in their noses, let alone the inner cavities?

Millions of Americans tested for COVID-19, tested again, then later re-tested. In other words, it’s hard to say how much EtO many millions of people have been exposed to via PCR tests. The media and Fauci have reiterated that “negative tests don’t mean you don’t have COVID-19,” causing Americans to continue taking the free tests, over and over again.

Canada lays out specific guidelines for EtO sterilization even amidst the “pandemic,” but the United States FDA and EPA have ignored the process instead. A freedom of information request in the UK shows that the tests are being used within schools, and a concerned citizen wants to know why that is.

A note from Fauci and the US government: please continue shoving the cancer-laden, nausea-inducing swabs into your noses to demonstrate whether or not you have a virus that’s so deadly that you may not even know you have the virus at all. We will continue testing until all of the tests are gone. It’s for your safety.

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Doc Wang

Ethylene oxide has a boiling point of 10.4 °C. It is gaseous at standard temperature and pressure. The swabs are “Eto laden” in the same sense that they are oxygen laden. This is a non-issue. Anyone with rudimentary knowledge in chemistry or physics, or science in general, will see this nothing-burger and roll their eyes in dismissal. There are an infinite number of things to be alarmed about with this fraud, this is not one of them. Until someone tests for the presence of ethylene oxide in significant quantities on these swabs, this should not be treated with equal concern to a gene-altering vaccine or a filthy, oxygen depleting mask. My guess is it’s not even detectable in trace quantities once it’s been out of the package for a few seconds.

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