COVID-19 caste system begins in Cali: proof of vaccine required to dine-in

The CDC knew exactly what it was doing when it released its new guidelines for “hugging grandma” this week.

The CDC apparently believes that it has the ability to make laws, take away people’s freedoms, and then tell the country that it can have some of its freedoms back if they obtain a vaccine.

Bistro in Seal Beach, California is one of the first businesses in the country to dive head first into the new COVID-19 caste system, declaring that only vaccinated people may eat inside the restaurant. There’s more; diners must show proof of vaccination and wait a full 14 days before being able to eat inside the restaurant.

Bistro St. Germain told us they may have made a mistake and were waiting for the owner to come in and fix the blunder. Since then, the restaurant’s reviews on Facebook and Yelp have seen an onslaught of negative posts.

We expect to see more of the caste system in the coming weeks and months; as the CDC and media collectively create a system in which only vaccinated people may fly, dine at local restaurants, and enjoy sporting events, more freedoms are lost each day for a vaccine that doesn’t even seem necessary.

become more of a reality each day as a small section of the population begs for total safety, provided by a government which isn’t apt to provide it.

At a private summit by Yale in December, 72% of CEO’s said they are for employees. Yale also conducted the infamous July 2020 study in which researchers tested vaccination messages such as guilt, shame, patriotism to determine how to best compel Americans to get the .

In October, Facebook that it would begin censoring posts about vaccine “misinformation,” meaning the company will erase any posts that contradict the narrative that vaccines save lives and ban users who dissuade others from receiving the vaccine.

There’s something about the vaccine that compels the government, media, Big Tech, and teachers’ unions to treat it as the holy grail, the beginnings of a new caste system. And since we have thrown out the government we once knew and replaced it with something born from communism, socialism, wokeness, and political correctness, a caste system seems fitting.