Conservative Cleansing reaches rapid speeds

As officials and media across Colorado and the nation call for a new form of politics known as “ the movement of conservative cleansing gains steam.

To be fair, conservative cleansing probably began when was ushered in, a thin disguise for censorship. But the moment Americans started a love affair and addiction to social media, it was over. Facebook quickly became the prime method of communication in the early 2010’s and source of news for one in five Americans by 2020.

was one of the first leftist officials to call for conservative cleansing. On November 7th, she tweeted, “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

After AOC’s tweet, Trump Accountability Project sprung into action, ensuring that doxxing of conservatives was made easier via published names and addresses of his supporters, encouragement of further doxxing of conservatives. The liberal media and elected officials failed to condemn such an initiative.

Elected officials and media sources for four years made similar claims once the “” claims were attached to Trump. After the media used COVID-19 as a narrative to charge him with 300,000 counts of , often using the phrase “blood on his hands,” the President was painted as a racist killer.

While BLM riots and Antifa disasters, such as the shooting of r by an armed 9News Security Guard affiliated with Antifa in October, have never been condemned by most leftist elected officials, conservative elected officials have been labeled as white supremacists for not jumping on the BLM/Antifa bandwagon and condemning fringe groups. It’s politically correct to do so.

Both conservatives and liberals need to end their hundred year relationship with fringe groups, as the social media era plays out entirely differently than 1955 politics. The love affair has grown stronger for both sides, faced with close races across the nation this election.

However, the left maintains an advantage with their fringe groups; the US culture has been fed the narrative that political correctness and white guilt are necessary for decades now, which and many others warned about as an eventual impetus to censorship. Masks aren’t only necessary; they’re politically correct, and they’re your civic duty.

By late Spring into early fall of 2020, used COVID-19 as a means to censor individuals, groups, companies, and entire ideas. By late winter, Americans were made totally unable to communicate ideas that contradicted the narrative that the left, media, and big tech had decided they wanted people to believe.

and Instagram soon followed suit, even banning entire individuals and companies who didn’t prescribe to the COVID-19 lockdown mentality. Leftists became euphoric; the world was finally creating an echo chamber where their science, religion, and education could never be challenged.

soon followed suit, removing entire platforms, and by late Fall of 2020 most conservatives would agree the writing was on the wall.

All of the aforementioned companies agreed by the time the vaccine trials rolled out that they would collectively censor what they determined to be “vaccine misinformation,” or any claims that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t safe, effective, or necessary.

Very soon after, Facebook and other platforms began removing entire pages, employing “jail time,” or restricting people’s accounts, for months at a time, for posting any information that contradicts COVID-19, Biden as the next best president, vaccines, conservative causes, events, and campaigns. Egregiously, Facebook a conservative fundraiser for the Georgia runoffs the day before the elections.

Still, liberals rejoiced. This is what should be happening, they claim. Trump and conservatives are wrong, so this is normal censorship, whatever that means.

Then the Capitol riots broke out. Although the event that drew thousands of people was massively peaceful, the media the event, however ill-conceived, as a violent blood bath by Trump supporters. In reality, the people who stormed the building were such as Q-Anon supporters, skinheads, and other fringe entities…much like the left’s BLM or Antifa, not representative of the whole.

Nevertheless, although the summer BLM riots were much more violent and destructive, Trump and his supporters, all 74 million of them, were determined to be violent white supremacists by Big Tech and the media.

Both banned the President from their platforms, which was condemned by Russia and . To censor a sitting President based on the claims that he and all of his fans are violent isn’t really a valid one.

Twitter allows the leaders of China and Iran, who have committed massive atrocities against their own people, to tweet. BLM and the Communist Party have both called for violence across social media and been left largely unchecked by Big Tech. Violence clearly isn’t the issue; the issue is conservative voices, and Big Tech collectively with the left want those voices gone.

When like Aunt Jemima and town names like , Colorado were changed over the summer, and opponents voiced that name changes were unnecessary and hasty, like Tay Anderson and left-run media sources would cry racism. If you don’t do this, you are KKK.

The stage was set over the summer for this massive conservative cleansing, and the Capitol riots ushered it in.

Overnight this week, as popular accounts disappeared from Twitter and Facebook, people began to realize how serious this has become.

In addition to the President, Sidney Powell and other massively popular conservative accounts had vanished. Conservatives didn’t panic entirely just yet, as still allowed free speech…until yesterday. As it turns out, Apple and Google have more leverage than Parler and threatened to pull the app off both platforms if it didn’t adhere to their standards. Both platforms cited the blanket cover of violence, but they can’t point to any examples of such planned violence or unrest…not that either platform censored violent unrest staged by BLM or Antifa.

Then, also overnight, Amazon debated removing Parler from its servers. As Parler acknowledges, once their servers wipe the app, the platform is gone. In addition to that, the entire #walkaway campaign, which contained 500,000 members who proudly walked away from the democrat party, was from Facebook overnight without explanation. There was no violence propagated in the group or via the hashtag, but no appeals are necessary. Big Tech will do what it does best.

The cleansing is so un-American that the American flag is now viewed as questionable. The Biden campaign barely utilized the American flag, which is now as a symbol of racism. The media associates the American flag so frequently with the racist Trump narrative that it’s easy to understand why many younger generations frequently report that feeling.

As of today, news outlets and elected officials are calling for the removal of Fox and other conservative outlets from the air, from search engines, from apps…

ABC News’ political director . ABC News is watched by most Americans at one time or another, and they’ve called to cleanse the ideas of half the country. This scenario has played out before, but social media wasn’t around.

called for public humiliation sessions for journalists, officials, or anyone who didn’t denounce Trump. His calls echo the regime of who instituted “struggle sessions” to publicly re-educate dissenters.

Trump will even be removed from as a new actor will be digitally superimposed into the film, effectively erasing the President from the film.

When the pages are gone, your friends are gone, the groups are no more, the servers are gone, the apps are gone, the news is gone, you can’t gather in restaurants, parks, or bars…who is going to save you? Who are you going to call?

And while that may not terrify the left, or even some conservatives, it should. We aren’t suggesting that the government is going to come knocking on anyone’s door to take them to a conservative re-education camp, but the assertion is that collectively, we are setting up a country in which that scenario is possible.

In ten short months, we have allowed school and church closures, hundreds of mandates and out of control spending, being told we must not breathe fresh air. We have allowed our restaurants to close while big boxes rage on. We have allowed playgrounds to close while strip clubs remain open. We have allowed curfews, we have allowed the state to tell us how many people we can have in our homes, and we have allowed elected officials to make some of the population reach poverty. We have allowed this under the guise that Big Tech knows what’s best, under the leadership of agencies such as the CDC that clearly do not. We have accepted the narrative that only one science is allowed; the rest is misinformation.

We have allowed people to say that one riot is noble while another is not. We have allowed others to say that liberal soirées don’t spread a virus, but conservative ones do. We have allowed the news to paint 50% of the population as racists, and we have allowed conservatives to lose their jobs, their reputations, and their elected positions, while others have not. We have allowed our schools to teach social justice and systemic racism in ways that shame and legislate compliance from the classroom, much like China.

Now, we will allow the silencing of our voices, our news, our science, our apps, our search engines, our servers…all under the guise of racism and violence that truly were never there to begin with.

Colorado elected officials are now calling for the removal from congress of who support Trump, like Lauren Boebert. Rep called for the removal of lawmakers who refused to certify the election results as well, totally ignoring their right to raise objections.

And just like that, conservative cleansing, almost overnight, will eradicate the beliefs of half of a nation.

18:42 MST update: Parler is removed from the Apple store, in addition to Google play.

19:35 MST update: Amazon is Parler from its servers. Communism happens fast.

According to an update on Parler, the platform has been approached by multiple companies willing to host the app, but it will take about a week to rebuild.

22:26 MST the email service the Trump campaign uses, confirmed that it has suspended the President and his campaign from emailing their constituents…effectively shutting off email communication for the Trump team.

16:28 MST 1/10/21: Stripe, the payment processing company the Trump campaign utilized on its website for fundraising and campaigns, will no longer be accepting payments on Trump’s website.

17:33 MST 1/10/21: The PGA has banned itself from any games or tournaments on Trump’s golf courses, and the organization will have no ties to Trump.