Colorado Windsor high school to students: shame redneck non maskers

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Update: Sign in question was removed from the school Wednesday afternoon, and a formal apology ends this article below.

Windsor High School in Weld County, Colorado is making the rounds on social media this morning for a poster that seems to shame non mask-wearers by calling them “rednecks.”

While the sum of all empirical evidence has proven without a doubt that masks do not work and are political theatre, liberal mask fanatics, desperate for a sense of safety and belonging, often resort to shaming tactics to repress their own feelings of lost compliance and an inability to think for oneself. Those feelings lead the mask wearer, instead of simply masking up and leaving non mask wearers alone, to shame non mask wearers for an ego boost, completely ignoring science and logic, as well as respect for fellow men.

The poster reeks of discrimination. Calling someone a redneck for not wearing a mask is blatant liberal propaganda; since most non-masked people are Republicans, calling non mask wearers “rednecks” is bullying. School districts are supposed to be inclusive; no student should ever feel discriminated against for his or her beliefs.

Weld County, known for being a thorn in Governor Polis’s side for first declaring Eat Meat Day in protest of meatless day, bucking mask mandates and social distancing guidelines, and threatening to move to Wyoming, is the last county in the state we’d expect such discrimination and bullying to occur. This poster just goes to show the power the liberal media and teachers’ unions hold over public schools.

We reached out to Windsor High School for comment, and the representative initially claimed they have never seen this sign. We then reached out to the original poster, who maintains the sign is prominently hung in a hallway at Windsor High School.

This story will be updated as the representative provides more information.

Updated 13:27 MST: Windsor High School has issued a statement on the sign in question, which it claims was not meant to be offensive. The administration believes the word “redneck” is offensive and has removed the sign this afternoon.

“We are aware that images are circulating of signage placed around Windsor High School to encourage the proper use of face masks to support student health and well-being. One of the signs contains the word redneck in reference to the popular song Redneck Friend. While not intentional, we recognize this word is offensive and inappropriate. Its use does not reflect the values of our school and district, and the sign has been removed.”

The removal of the sign after this publication is a step in the right direction. Windsor High School, however, should really read the science behind masks. We’ve linked a few articles here. Hint; there isn’t any science behind masks, and this move was an offensive and terminable offense. Blaming a song from the 1970’s for such an offensive term seems like a convenient excuse for discrimination; we had to look up the song. It’s not “popular.”

It’s worth considering how the left would react if a school hung up a sign calling mask wearers “liberal sheep.” The headline would make national news.

The Colorado Herald