Colorado State high school championship wrestlers must submit to COVID-19 tests because the health department said so

In CHSAA’s latest guidelines, released March 8th, CDPHE and CHSAA have arbitrarily decided that high school students who wish to participate in the State Wrestling Championship must undergo COVID-19 tests.

The championship will be held at the Colorado Building in Pueblo from March 11th through March 13th, and CDPHE and CHSAA will have on-site COVID-19 testing and also allow outside tests from up to 72 hours prior to arriving in Pueblo.

The justification in CHSAA’s letter from Jill Hunsaker Ryan of CDPHE to CHSAA’s Comissioner Rhonda Blandford-Green state that “outbreaks” have been tied to high school wrestling. The letter doesn’t describe how the outbreaks were discovered, if the wrestlers had any symptoms of the family of 99%+ survivable viruses, or really any real information.

So, if the kids want any shot at winning their championship, they have to let a health care professional insert an eight inch stick up their noses so that they, too, may be contact-traced. The Constitution has gone out the window, apparently.