Colorado ranchers & farmers: March is eat meat month

Governor Polis declared March 20th “Meatless Day” on Wednesday, declaring the day one in which Coloradoans should consume plant-based foods. The move hadn’t been mentioned prior to this week, and it’s incensed local ranchers, prompting calls for “Meat Day March 20th.”

Even before we had a website, Kamala Harris had decreed that she would change the USDA guidelines to promote less meat-eating. The Biden regime hasn’t mentioned the USDA guidelines yet, but Governor Polis is already giddy with excitement; so he declared his own meatless day for the state of Colorado.

Vegetarianism is a healthy and admirable lifestyle; so is veganism. The ability to consume no meats and live entirely off plant-based foods is attractive for those who wish to lower their cholesterol or cease consuming animals. However, diet is not the government’s business…at all.

One of the many memes ridiculing Polis’s day

Polis is tone-deaf to his constituents’ lives. Coloradoans are struggling to obtain their unemployment benefits, feed their families, pay their rent, and keep their businesses open and alive amidst Polis’s over three-hundred executive orders aimed at shutting down Colorado’s economy. And indeed he has shut down the economy; Colorado last year had one of the top ten economies in the nation. Now, the state has one of the worst ten economies in the US.

Still, Polis believes that his constituents want or need his meddling into their everyday lives. If Polis wants his homeless, jobless, down-trodden constituents to buy meatless burgers, he should invite them all over for dinner and foot the bill, rather than continuing to make silly demands from high up in his Boulder castle.