Colorado Herald spurred Tay Anderson police report, more victims should come forward-info in link

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Thanks to our efforts exposing Tay Anderson’s rapes and sexual assaults, a criminal report has been filed with Denver Police and an investigation opened into his behavior. Now, DPS is urging other victims to come forward. While it’s exhausting to think that after over two years of sexually assaulting undocumented minor children, Anderson is only now being held accountable thanks to a non mainstream media article, it’s a win.

Until this morning, Denver Public Schools have filed no police reports against Tay Anderson. In the last few hours, that has all changed. Colorado Herald’s last night’s article has spurred a police investigation into Anderson’s behavior.

After DPS asked us to remove pictures of minor children with Tay Anderson and we refused, Will Jones, Communications Director responded to our email asking for more accountability for Anderson. Jones states that a police report has been filed with Denver Police. We are satisfied with this outcome, so the pictures have been replaced.

While it’s disheartening that a school board member can claim 62+ victims and hasn’t yet seen justice, we are thankful that DPS is listening to victims finally, thanks to last night’s article. We reached out to DPD for a statement, and any information will be updated in this article.

Updated 17:13 MST: DPD’s statement: Anderson has not been arrested, and no further information can be provided.

“The district is requesting that, if there are any individuals who wish to speak with the independent external investigators, they should reach out to Investigations Law Group and/or contact law enforcement. If you have additional information on this matter, feel free to contact police and the investigators as well. Investigators can be reached at.”

Thank you, readers for your time and attention with this matter. If you are a victim of Mr. Anderson or anyone else in a position of power, please feel free to reach out to us. We will get your story out anonymously.

~Irma Rovva

The Colorado Herald