Colorado Dems out of control: Hancock calls voter ID laws “Jim Crowe” while Denver Police punished for not getting vaccinated

Colorado Democrats have lost their minds. Governor Polis is so convinced that more people need the COVID-19 vaccine that he’s spending his days in his Boulder mansion posting on social media about how to convince the “vaccine hesitant” to get the COVID-19 shot.

Is convincing people to make the best medical decisions for society rather than themselves one of the tasks for which voters elected the Governor of Colorado? Probably not; but Polis does not govern. He rules.

Meanwhile, Denver Mayor Hancock is easing his personal feelings of frustration by posting about racist voter laws. “…I’m disheartened to see the rebirth of Jim Crow laws being enacted in multiple states across the U.S. in an attempt to silence the voices and stomp on the wills of every day, hardworking Americans who have historically been left out of the voting process,” laments Hancock in his racism rant.

Apparently, Mayor Hancock believes laws that require identification to vote are racist…because black people aren’t capable of obtaining proper identification. Hancock, like Biden and Corey Booker, must believe that black people are so poor and incompetent that they cannot drive to DMV’s or use computers.

Colorado Democrats are so confident that their constituents are uneducated, brown, and idiotic that they believe Coloradoans cannot obtain an identification card or make decisions about their own health.

Meanwhile, Colorado officials also believe that the men in blue, the city of Denver’s finest police officers, are also not qualified to make medical decisions for themselves. When the news broke that the majority of Denver’s police refuse to participate in eugenics via getting vaccinated, to “punish” any police officers who dared to think for themselves and make qualified medical decisions about their own bodies.

Democrats know best, and since voters allowed them to take total control in Colorado, their tyranny knows no bounds. Newly released data from shows just how not serious the current Coronavirus scandal actually is; hospitals are not full in Colorado, and people aren’t dying…at at least they’re not dying of the orchestrated China virus. Additionally, the vaccine is not preventing the spread of COVID-19, so it remains to be seen why Coloradoans, namely police, are forced to vaccinate (probably because the shot eventually kills).

Still, Polis, Hancock, and their ilk are quick to impose their wills on the rest of Colorado.

You get what you vote for.

~Irma Rovva

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Reginald Hafner

NO ID, no vote. Get a damned ID or you are ineligible. Very simple.


Agreed, the rules have been relaxed for too long. It is time to tighten them.

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