Colorado American Academy of Pediatrics: ALL unvaxxed kids should mask-up

Governor Polis and the Colorado Department of Health received from the American Academy of Pediatrics that set the stage for Colorado kids getting vaccinated. In the new guidance, kids who aren’t vaccinated should wear masks.

“These risks must be viewed in context of the significant disruptions that school closures bring. As strategies that help support safe in-person learning at school, CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics continue to emphasize the importance of:
● monitoring for symptoms and staying home when sick,
● testing for COVID-19,
● wearing masks inside for those who are unvaccinated (including children who are not yet
eligible for vaccination),
● quarantining when exposed to COVID-19 for those who are unvaccinated,
● enhanced ventilation and the use of outdoor space when possible, and
● continued promotion of vaccination.”

The Colorado chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics spouts that Colorado has seen a “small but still tragic number” of Colorado children and teens die “with” (NOT “of”) COVID-19. That claim is pseudo-science.

Last year in July, the media put out , a condition that over-zealous officials anxiously tied to COVID-19 during the initial, more frenzied months of the COVID-19 scandal. As months passed by, MISC-C was mysteriously abandoned as propaganda more and more frequently.

In fact, isn’t always related to COVID-19. From the CDC, “we know that many children with MISC-C had the virus that causes , or had been around someone with COVID-19. MIS-C can be serious, even deadly, but most children who were diagnosed with this condition have gotten better with medical care.” In other words, MISC-C may or may not be related to COVID-19, and it doesn’t normally kill anyone. So it’s curious that back when COVID-19 propaganda was at its thickest in the summer of 2020, that two mysterious deaths in Colorado are linked to it without any further explanation.

Mesa County on May 26th, 2021. Though the media source who broke the story couldn’t release any further information about the patient, the author wasted no time in proclaiming that the decedent wasn’t eligible yet for the vaccine and then lauding the effectiveness of the vaccine. The Mesa County death notice read more like vaccine propaganda than a relevant and fact-filled piece. Since , and only have “died with COVID,” the Mesa County child death reeks of suspicion.

Nevertheless, the Colorado American Academy of Pediatrics leans on those three deaths as reason to keep masks on unvaccinated children. This guidance clearly isn’t about safety or about masks and social distancing; this guidance was issued to compel more kids to get vaccinated…an appalling measure considering the risks versus the rewards, which health officials at the .

To reiterate, only 0.001% of kids who contracted any of the Coronaviruses have “died with the virus,” and that’s . Overall, probably zero US kids have died of COVID-19, if even any adults have passed. But the CDC, WHO, and Dr. Fauci are weighing the risks today of a vaccine that’s .

The COVID-19 vaccine is mysteriously not about safety from a virus; it’s about …a pandemic orchestrated in order to vaccinate at least 70% of the population. But why?

comprise a data set that’s manipulated by a system meant to disguise myocardial infarctions, self-inflicted gunshots to the head, terminal cancer, influenza, pneumonia, and cocaine overdoses as “COVID-19 deaths.” The American Public will never fully know how many loved ones were not given the respect and justice to be given their real causes of death on paper.

COVID-19 deaths aren’t exaggerated by only the overly-eager PCR tests; they’re also exaggerated by the case counting mechanisms themselves.

On May 18th, 2020, an epidemiologist at a Collin County Texas updated the commissioners on the new procedures for coding cases as COVID. Fortunately, the meeting was recorded, and it set off alarm bells about the way COVID-19 cases are reported across the nation.

In the CDC’s case definitions, a patient is considered a positive case if the patient has symptoms (ONE symptom of cough or two symptoms of the others: body ache, headache, fever, etc) and has come into close contact with someone with COVID-19. So if a patient has symptoms and came into close contact with a case, he is considered a positive case. This leads to an 1700% increase in case numbers.

California Governor Gavin Newsom issued California’s Stay At Home order on December 3rd. LA County hospitalizations on that day, according to the , totaled 2,572 people. Of course, there’s no telling how many of those people were truly COVID-19 hospitalizations.

On January 25th, Gavin Newsom lifted the state’s Stay at Home order, and LA County COVID-19 hospitalizations allegedly totaled 6,697 people. On December 3rd, LA county “confirmed” six-hundred COVID-19 patients in ICU beds, forty-three more people under investigation (PUI). There were 1,570 “confirmed” COVID-19 patients in ICU beds with 204 persons under investigation for COVID-19 the last week of January. If hospitalizations were so dire, why would Newsom rescind the Stay at Home Orders?

He wouldn’t; he knows the ICU bed data is manipulated by an exact process we’ve described here for over months. Newsom California’s lies in late January; it’s a complicated process that might “scare the public.”

Several states have been caught manipulating hospital data, including California, which uses a (we calculated it very easily) of available ICU beds to create a lesser percentage of beds to instill fear in the American People. Michigan simply out of its overall hospital bed availability census.

Any patient who is hospitalized within thirty days of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, via PCR tests, is considered a COVID-19 hospitalization. If a patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 1st but broke his knee and went to the emergency room today, he would be considered a COVID-19 diagnosis. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 at the hospital is considered a COVID-19 hospitalization.

Additionally, as we reported in December, PIC, “” now replaces pneumonia and influenza in the CDC’s reporting those illnesses and deaths. Pneumonia and influenza are both presumed to be “COVID-19 related.”

Mainstream media and governments are quick to blame the phenomenon of cases that rise in correlation with vaccination rates on “variants,” which is very clearly hogwash science according to esteemed physicians; vaccines typically cover variants of a virus up to 60% different from the original. COVID-19 variants are 90-99% similar to the original Coronavirus that set the stage for New World Order.

So what happened when Americans got wind of the fact that the vaccinated population was still testing positive for the China virus? to reflect less cases for vaccinated people and more cases for unvaccinated people. More alarmingly, the CDC will no longer track vaccinated cases of Corona viruses, meaning Americans will no longer have access to how many people who received the shot actually test positive.

From and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s soon to be released book Corona Unmasked, “a protective effect against severe and possibly life-threatening COVID-19 disease could not be shown in monkey models with any of the vaccines (3–5). All of these trials faced the same crucial problem: infected monkeys never became severely ill, either with or without vaccination (6). The monkeys can model infection, but they cannot model the dangerous form of the disease.”

“We read in the mainstream media: mRNA vaccines are not new after all. That is true, but they have NEVER been used on humans to fight a viral infection. And humans have never been inoculated with recombinant viral genes, in the form of either DNA or mRNA.”

“Accordingly, the vaccinations were under a dark cloud from the outset. With all three gene-based vaccines, disturbing immediate side effects were noted – but carefully hidden from general awareness: severe swelling and pain at the injection site, high fever and chills, severe headache, limb and muscle pain throug- hout the body, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. Many vaccinated people were so sick that they were unable to work.”

“In the AstraZeneca study, the side effects were so bad that the study protocol had to be changed halfway through: in the later stages, study participants received high doses of the pain- and fever-relieving drug acetaminophen in order to make the vaccination reasonably tolerable (16). Such changes of protocol in the middle of a study are actually not permitted at all. Why was an exception made here?”

In the US, the COVID-19 vaccine has caused and side effects than most other vaccines combined, yet we are to believe that it is “completely safe.”

All across the US, vaccine patients report alarming side effects, such as immediate seizures, loss of pregnancy, and dead breastfed infants whose mother received the vaccine. So why does the Academy of Pediatrics push masks on children whose parents won’t vaccinate them?

In an impassioned speech to the District 11 School Board on April 14th, Stacy Adair explained to the board how many of her students don’t have the resources to access clean masks and are often subject to . Adair proclaimed to the board what rings true for all children and COVID-19:

“As a public-school teacher in District 11, I am required to be a mandatory reporter of child abuse and neglect. I am here today to report neglect and possible abuse by School District 11 itself.

“Here’s a photograph of a mask from a kindergarten boy in my first group of the day, less than an hour into school.

“I don’t need to tell you that it is very unhealthy for this student to breathethrough this mask. Of course, statistics tell us that with one such case, many other filthy masks are being worn daily. Children 10 and under are NOT included in the statewide mask mandate. This is because the experts understand that children 10 and under do not comprehend hygiene in a way that would allow them to keep their mask clean over a school day.”

“They do not have the self-awarenessthat kids 11 and up have developed. The daylong mask wearing, lack ofpersonal hygiene and awareness of when they need a mask break are all things 4-10-year do not effectively manage.”

“As a district, our responsibility is to maintain the safety of students while they are in our care. As a teacher, one of my responsibilities is to keep children safe. As a human being and a mom of three grown kids, I am responsible to do what’s best for kids.”

“Is wearing a mask seven hours a day what’s best for kids? Data tells us absolutely not. Medical professionals tell us absolutely not. A Canadian Epidemiologist wrote, “Surgical and cloth masks, used as the currently are, have absolutely no impact on controlling the transmission of covid 19 virus and current evidence shows that face masks can be harmful.”

“A study in the New England Journal of Medicine last May, concluded the wearing of masks when outside of health care facilities offers little if any protection from infection. Why is district 11 requiring the mask for those students between age 4-10? What is the motivation?”

“Charter Elementary Schools are not requiring masks for ten and under. Private schools are not requiring masks for those 10 and under. This is an issue of equity as well as health. Students in higher socio-economic situations are not being forced to wear masks seven hours a day.”

“Dr. Thomas and board members, again, why do you require more than the state mandate itself while upper class kids can breathe freely and cleanly all-day during school.”

“I submit that the answer is the Colorado Springs Education Association.”

“The Teachers Union is pressuring District 11 to do things that satisfy their loudest members. But I ask you, who speaks for the children? Who represents their voice? From the beginning, the D11 students have not had a VOICE, YET the POWERFUL TEACHERS UNION has a daily NEGATIVE impact on children’s lives.”

Data shows that when doctors wear a mask they change it out every two hours. Data also now shows that children do not spread covid. My own doctor’s office reports many parent calls saying their children are having headaches and the parents are asking for mask exemptions. And…What about our students without involved parents to look out for them? Where is the equity? I am here to speak for those students.”

“Public school districts are the largest caretaker of children in this city. How are you handling this awesome responsibility? I take my duty as an adult in charge of children very seriously and I KNOW THAT YOU ALL DO AS WELL!”

“District 11 can and should be the courageous district in Colorado to put the health of the children ahead of the demands of the teacher’s union. The union and the self-centered teachers driving that train are causing children HARM.”

“Again, I ask. WHO will speak for the children? I WILL. I was and am willing to risk being written up to protect the children. It is time to stop bowing to the UNSUBSTANTIATED FEAR of a few VOCAL adults.”

“I will not abdicate my responsibility because of the bully tactics of the Teachers Union and those implementing their policies. I HAVE HEARD A TEACHER TELL A STUDENT no WHEN HE ASKED IF HE COULD PULL DOWN HIS MASK TO BREATHE!”

“As a board member and superintendent of a public-School-district, your first responsibility is to the health and safety of the children. Will you stand up for the children? When Will you end the mask requirement for Ten and under? If not now, then when? If not you, then who?”

Adair’s questions went largely unanswered, as will the new guidance for Colorado school kids.

Katie Villines, a Severance High School mother, is disturbed by the new guidelines. “Ohhh FFS our fight is officially beginning,” was her official quote this morning. Katie leads anti-masking efforts with several elected officials in Weld Co and is a strong opponent of forced vaccinations for school kids. While the vaccination isn’t yet forced, it comes closer to forced each day.

The guidance, clearly created to induce unvaccinated students to finally get the jab, is unnecessary and overreaching. Since the vaccine is both unnecessary and questionably unsafe, Coloradoans should wonder if health is the goal…or something else.

~Irma Rovva