CO Gubernatorial candidate Clark skips her Monument City Council meetings

Nelson Dillon, candidate for Colorado Governor 2022, has not attended over one fourth of the Town of Monument’s City Council meetings. As Trustee, her attendance is worse than any Monument trustee in decades. Yet, she is running for Governor of Colorado

WWG1WGA, Q’Anon slogan

Clark has been a Monument trustee for the last three years, yet she hasn’t attended one of the town’s annual budget meetings. In fact, local residents have raised alarms as to why Clark feels as if it’s not her duty to attend.

Laurie’s budget attendance

Although Clark didn’t attend the budget meeting on December 7th, 2020, she was active on social media. Clark runs a group titled “Nelson Dillon for Colo Gov 2022,” in which she posts her goals as governor and information for Coloradoans. She posted several articles on December 7th but couldn’t be bothered to participate in the budget meeting she was elected to participate in.

Clark’s informative posts

In a December 26th post, Clark instructs voters to file affidavits for criminal charges against elected officials, rendering them “uninsurable” and thus unable to work. That’s not how any of this works.

Clark’s Dominion post

In another post, Clark tells constituents they can join a class action lawsuit against Dominion, the company suspected of voting fraud.

Some of Clark’s posts are so off base that they read like hoaxes. In a long December post, Clark instructs voters, again, how to file criminal charges against their elected officials. In that post, she instructs then to use “red ink and ten cent stamps” reading like popular internet hoaxes of 2020, meant to target Conservatives.

Clark filed her official Governor’s campaign with the Secretary of State’s office on June 3rd, 2020. To date, she has no expenditures or contributions listed in Tracer. A serious gubernatorial candidate would need to have an active campaign, other than a Facebook group, less than two years from the elections.

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Mr. Colorado Springs

She has also aligned herself with one of the loser trolls who have sought to destroy the GOP in El Paso County: Anne Howe. Several of us in the party tried to give her a clear heads up that this and some of her associates may be politically toxic. Apparently, she’s not too swift on the uptake.

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