“China Virus” isn’t racism; it’s a fitting term for the family of Coronas unleashed on the world by China

The term “China virus” has been blamed on Donald Trump and attributed to the media’s sham idea of “,” which is mostly perpetrated by Asians and black people and over-reported like Coronavirus deaths.

The virus is believed to have escaped from a Wuhan lab as Chinese scientists studied bat Coronaviruses. According to , the virus started in a lab in Wuhan, China while Chinese lab workers nefariously worked on bat Coronaviruses. If China didn’t want Americans to have ill feelings towards the Chinese, then it shouldn’t have released a “deadly virus” on the world and then attempted to cover up the entire disaster.

Sometimes, American people resent countries who try to kill them in a constant thirst for control and Western technology. If Americans are expected to sympathize with Black people about the “injustices” they’ve experienced long before today’s readers were born, then the media should sympathize with Americans upset with China and not eager to welcome its communist ideals under the woke guise of a virus that China itself created for control of the world.

Additionally, as the “deadly virus” escaped the Wuhan lab in 2020, CNN was one of the first outlets to refer to the family of Coronas as “the Wuhan virus” and the “China virus,” terms that even Jake Tapper couldn’t resist…because they’re true representations of China’s destructive work.

The family of Coronas we are discussing today most likely originated in a Wuhan, China lab, at the hands of nefarious Chinese workers. “China virus” is not only a fitting term, but it’s one that we’d encourage readers to use and use often. Americans should never forget how this “virus” landed in America, who sent it here, and who continues to destroy the fabric of our nation…China.