CDC: PCR tests to be run at higher cycle counts for unvaxxed vs vaxxed, ensuring positive tests for unvaxxed and negative for vaxxed.

COVID-19 is the greatest sham perpetrated on the human population…ever. Anyone who received the COVID-19 vaccine under the guise of “safe” or “removing the mask” has been swindled, lied to, fooled. If you ever believed COVID-19 killed 600,000 people, then the media did its job.

Now, the CDC is playing with PCR tests again. It’s laid out different guidelines for vaccinated versus unvaccinated people about what constitutes a positive test. PCR test sensitivity will basically be lower for unvaccinated people by about 60%, ensuring the plan continues right on track…

The CDC is lying to you; this is a cover-up and a of a pandemic;

“For many months, experts have warned that COVID-19 is not so much a viral pandemic as it is a “casedemic” — a pandemic of false positive tests — and the thing that kept the fraud going was the fact that laboratories were using excessively high cycle thresholds (CTs) when processing the PCR tests.”

Does this seem normal?

As previously reported, after almost a year of the suspicious public crying foul about PCR tests and the threshold count that was set too sensitively at 37 viral loads by the WHO, the threshold of “Coronavirus” present in positive tests was lowered the day Biden assumed the office of the President.

Lowering the PCR count caused at least a 90% reduction in “cases.” 

“According to an April 2020 , a CT of 17 must be used to obtain 100% confirmed real positives. Above 17 cycles, accuracy drops dramatically. At 33 cycles, the false positive rate is 80%. Beyond 34 cycles, the false positive rate reaches 100%.” The WHO was using a PCR count, prior to Biden’s inauguration, of 37. 

“For several months, experts have highlighted the true cause behind the COVID-19 pandemic, namely the  set at a ridiculously high cycle count (CT), which falsely labels healthy people as “COVID-19 cases.” In reality, the PCR test is not a proper diagnostic test, although it has been promoted as such.”

“An important question that demands an answer is whether the experts at our federal health agencies and the World Health Organization were really too ignorant to understand the implications of using this test at excessive CT, or whether it was done on purpose to create the illusion of a dangerous, out-of-control pandemic.”

It’s certainly not a dangerous, out of control pandemic. In fact, this isn’t even a pandemic at all; its an overblown, orchestrated farce. Now, the CDC is selling the vaccine so hard that it’s working overtime to make vaccinated people look like they receive “positive tests,” whatever those actually are, less often than unvaccinated people.

For the last week of , the US recorded 46,504 positive COVID-19 tests. If a reasonable threshold had been applied to distinguish viral presence versus active cases of the virus, the number might be closer to 4500 people, the New York Times exhaustive study confirmed. That study went totally ignored by policy makers until the day Biden was sworn into office.

The data on PCR tests does not corroborate a pandemic, which makes decisions based on the data very poor decisions. Publications such as this one, NYT, and have raised alarm bells about PCR thresholds since March, but those calls went unanswered the day President Biden assumed office.

The January stated that “the cycle threshold needed to detect virus is inversely proportional to the patient’s viral load,” insinuating that the previous guidelines cycle count thresholds detected far too much virus, causing false positives.

Almost as if the public has no knowledge about PCR tests and the conspiracy to create positive cases of “Coronavirus,” the media touts “dramatically lowered” cases-it’s a miracle!

But it’s certainly not a miracle, and it’s also not “vaccine progress” or “herd immunity” as touted by .

According to The New York Times, which the amount of “Coronavirus” in positive PCR tests back in August, up to 90% of positive PCR results could be false positives. These tests have indicated positive COVID-19 results for chicken wings, dogs, , a goat, and zoo animals such as .

Most of the tests, additionally, are arriving from China. Mainstream media and elected officials who have made deals with the Chinese government for PPE and COVID-19 tests propagate the idea that these ; they’re not. While companies like Quest and LabCorp do have US headquarters offices, the tests are made in China. At a best case, thinly-veiled scenario, PCR tests and PPE receive South Korean or European Union certifications after pallets of the items, millions of dollars worth, arrive on chartered flights to Korea or the EU for certification and customs declarations, then head to the US as “South Korean certified tests.” At a worst case, those items come directly to the US from China on chartered flights, receive no certifications or forge ahead with fraudulent ones.

COVID-19 deaths also comprise a data set that’s manipulated by a system meant to disguise myocardial infarctions, self-inflicted gunshots to the head, terminal cancer, influenza, pneumonia, and cocaine overdoses as “COVID-19 deaths.” The American Public will never fully know how many loved ones were not given the respect and justice to be given their real causes of death on paper. 

COVID-19 deaths aren’t exaggerated by only the overly-eager PCR tests; they’re also exaggerated by the case counting mechanisms themselves. 

On May 18th, an epidemiologist at a Collin County Texas Commissioner’s Meeting the commissioners on the new procedures for coding cases as COVID. Fortunately, the meeting was recorded, and it set off alarm bells about the way COVID-19 cases are reported across the nation.

In the CDC’s case definitions, a patient is considered a positive case if the patient has symptoms (ONE symptom of cough or two symptoms of the others: body ache, headache, fever, etc) and has come into close contact with someone with COVID-19. So if a patient has symptoms and came into close contact with a case, he is considered a positive case. This unscientific method leads to an 1700% increase in case numbers. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom issued California’s Stay At Home order on December 3rd. LA County hospitalizations on that day, according to  totaled 2,572 people. Of course, there’s no telling how many of those people were truly COVID-19 hospitalizations. 

Gavin Newsom then lifted the state’s Stay at Home order in January, and LA County COVID-19 hospitalizations allegedly totaled 6,697 people. On December 3rd, LA county “confirmed” six-hundred COVID-19 patients in ICU beds, forty-three more people under investigation (PUI). There are now 1,570 “confirmed” COVID-19 patients in ICU beds with 204 persons under investigation for COVID-19. If hospitalizations were so dire, why would Newsom rescind the Stay at Home Orders?

He wouldn’t; he knows the ICU bed data is manipulated by an exact process we’ve described here for months. did finally admit it…it’s a complicated process that might “scare the public.”

Several states have been caught manipulating hospital data, including California, which uses a percentage (we calculated it very easily) of available ICU beds to create a lesser percentage of beds to instill fear in the American People. Michigan simply erases beds out of its overall hospital bed availability census. 

Any patient who is hospitalized within thirty days of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, via PCR tests, is considered a COVID-19 hospitalization. If a patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 1st but broke his knee and went to the emergency room today, he would be considered a COVID-19 diagnosis. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 at the hospital is considered a COVID-19 hospitalization. 

Additionally, as we reported in December, PIC,“pneumonia, influenza, or COVID related illness” now replaces pneumonia and influenza in the CDC’s reporting those illnesses and deaths. Pneumonia and influenza are both presumed to be “COVID-19 related.” 

Hospitalizations are exaggerated by up to 90%, Deaths are exaggerated by forty to ninety percent, cases are exaggerated up to 1700%, and tests faulty by up to 90%.

If you received the COVID-19 vaccine based on this dishonest data, then again, you’ve been fooled.

have been so quick to believe the hundreds of lies propagated by the government and mainstream media, that they’ve ignored the very clear fact that the tests were always a lie, made and shipped by China to orchestrate a pandemic that didn’t exist. The remedy (lower threshold counts) was enacted on Inauguration Day, and the US government and mainstream media, with the help of COVID-19 fanatics, totally ignore the fact that lies built a pandemic.

Now, the CCP-entangled CDC is changing it’s once again to ensure that only vaccinated people are testing negative for whatever COVID-19 is, and unvaccinated people are testing positive.

If a patient is unvaccinated, the CDC will run a PCR test at 45 cycles, almost three times higher than the recommended cycle count for anything but COVID-19. This ensures rising case counts for the unvaccinated.

If a patient is vaccinated, the CDC will run the PCR test at 28 cycles, which is still eleven cycles higher than the recommendations it put forth on the day of Biden’s inauguration. Therefore, cases will continue to rise even in vaccinated people, but at a lower rate than unvaccinated people.

This rising number of cases, still lower than the number of unvaccinated cases, will be used to purport variants, the danger of other strands, and the need for top-off booster shots. Book it now; that’s what’s happening, 100%.

The science of narrative. It’s entirely for your safety. Go get that shot if you feel so inclined to ignore all of the data and don’t wish to question why the government wants you to be vaccinated so badly against a contrived virus. But please don’t do this to your children. You’ve been sold far too many pandemic lies to put up your kids as political tokens.

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Jose Curveball

Thank you for printing this “plandemic” overview in black and white for all the world to see….


Thank you for this article. Not only is “Covid-19” a total vaccine marketing scam run by social engineering, Public Health and Big Tech sociopaths, it amounts to an act of mass murder. This scientific paper shows, for those who don’t yet realize, the “excess deaths” of 2020 and 2021 are not due to any “Covid”, but are due to the cruel and wholly unwaranted economic and social “lockdowns”. That these callous officials and business leaders play so fast and loose with the pcr cycle threshold as they have, shows they are some of the sickest, most heartless and most sadistic people walking the face of the Earth:

A Critical Review of CDC USA Data on Covid-19: PCR/Antigen Tests & Cases Reveal Herd Immunity Only, & Do Not Warrant Public Hysteria or Lockdowns
James DeMeo PhD
11 May 2021

Dave T

Every link I clicked on didn’t work. Boooo. Without sourcing it’s hard for me to confidently share articles. That’s unfortunate because I like this article.

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