Canada Day – On the current trajectory, it may be their last celebration of freedom

Happy Canada Day!

Though, soon we might have a hard time differentiating our Canadian colleagues from “North Koreans”, as the policies being imposed by its dictatorial government seem to be on track to achieve the type of tyranny we’ve thus far only observed from overseas, comfortably from our freedom-loving homes.

After the recent legislation being ordered by Prime Minister Trudeau, our frozen friends might want to start taking life-adjustment tips from Oli London, a British-born white influencer who recently went under the knife to change his appearance, as he now claims to identify as “Korean.”

So, what are our arctic allies being faced with?

In short – the obliteration of restrictions on government, freedom of speech, and religious liberty.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been among many far-left government officials who grabbed onto the opportunity for mass control granted by the COVID pandemic, and now, not only does he appear to be proud of the restrictions he has forced onCanadian citizens, with no plans to return to pre-pandemic life, but he is eager to ride this new wave of power to total control and dictatorship.

Just weeks ago, was arrested for allegedly holding religious services with minimal adherence to the 16-month-long COVID restrictions on gathering size, distancing and mask-wearing. Pawlowski spent three days in jail for his “crimes.”

Pastor Tim Stephens of Calgary’s Fairview Baptist Church and Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church in Edmonton for similar offenses, demonstrating a trend of religious persecution and criminalization in what’s supposed to be a free, democratic society – eerily similar to the kind of religious repression seen in places like China and North Korea.

And it appears as though Trudeau’s Canadian Parliament is determined to set a path toward China-like communism in all aspects of life.

In the 2021 Canadian legislative session, the legislature. In the opening summary for this bill, it states:

“The enactment amends the criminal code to create a recognizance to keep the peace relating to the hate propaganda and hate crime and to define ‘hatred’ for the purposes of two hate propaganda offenses”.

So, what does “keeping the peace” look like to Justin Trudeau…

For all intents and purposes, Bill C-36 turns your friends into political police, your family into spies, and incentivizescommunities to divide and turn against each other.  Where it used to be an unspoken understanding among friends and neighbors to report violent crime such as physical and sexual assault, predatory and criminal activity, and violence using weapons – the proposed amendments to the criminal code spurs police-type action into every home, street and neighborhood across the country, simply based on the “crime” of speaking out about ideas that anyone, even just one person, could interpret as “hateful” (or, more to the point – anti-communist).

Trudeau’s C-36 allows for anonymous complaints against you — whether it be through individuals, lobby groups or professional activists.  As the accused, you will not be afforded the opportunity to face your accuser, to clear up any possible misinterpretation of speech or to defend your right to freely exchange ideas.  In fact, the only thing you do get to face is the potential of having to pay $20,000 to the accuser(s), plus an additional $50,000 to the government.  And the basis for being held to these payouts could be something as simple as a Facebook or Twitter post that the government deems offensive or “hateful.”

But it doesn’t end there.

Under C-36, anyone can drag you to a provincial court, simply for being “afraid” of you. You could then face a court order to:

– Place you under house arrest

– Put you under a curfew

– Ban you from any place outside of your home (including your business)

– Ban you from communicating with anyone (including your friends, family, employees or political allies)

– Ban you from owning any firearm

– Ban you from drinking wine, beer or other alcohol; and

– Order you to give blood, urine and DNA samples on command.

Yes, as a citizen in a country that is supposed to be free, along with being arrested for conducting unapproved activities such as worshiping freely, you can now face criminal charges, fines and detention based on accusations made by an unknown person or organization, under the intentionally vague terms in bill C-36 as to what constitutes sharing “hateful” speech, news, information, or ideas.

And in a world where “proper grammar”, Dr Seuss and Snow White are what sets the bar for “racist” and “hateful”, no one is safe from the Canadian gestapo showing up at your doorstep.

If Justin Trudeau is wondering – his Korean name is Jeoseutin, and in Chinese it is Jiasiting. I imagine he’ll want to start practicing his pronunciation.  He’s going to need it.

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