Boulder shooting will be used to push gun control legislation for decades

Ten people were killed today at a King Soopers in Boulder, Colorado. The shooter allegedly used an AR-15 to carry out the massacre. The that unfolded today was horrific. Police officers have feared for their lives forever but much more often in 2020 and 2021, and that growing threat against officers’ safety is alarming. People should also be able to shop at their local grocery store without fear of being murdered.

Unfortunately, this is 2021, the year of 2A infringements, and the Boulder shooting will be used for exactly that purpose- to cause people fear as they shop for their groceries. And the timing could not have been better for the liberal media to stoke fear. An outright assault on Second Amendment rights has been underway for decades and intensified by the liberal majority under a Biden presidency.

Boulder, Colorado was the source of a contentious 2A battle for the last three years, a battle that was hard fought by the NRA and two Boulder residents. The city of Boulder attempted a ban on assault rifles and high capacity magazines, and the corresponding legislation also required gun owners to be over the age of 21. But on March 12th, 2021, via , the assault on 2A rights was .

The in 2018 used a shooting in in which the shooter used an AR-15 as a reason to pass the unconstitutional ban on assault rifles. The media and anti-gun rights organizations like Moms Demand Action have long contended that AR’s are the source of ongoing deaths and need to be eradicated “for your safety.”

The shooting in Boulder couldn’t come at a better time for the Democrat controlled Colorado legislature, as well as for Biden’s executive order-signing frenzy. today in Boulder showed a Caucasian male in handcuffs, covered in blood, being led away by police. Today’s tragedy will be used to usher in “safety” for as long as today’s readers are alive, much like the Parkland shooting has been .

From :

“When Boulder, Colorado passed an ‘, gun owners scoffed at the ultra-liberal city’s agenda, unsurprised by the virtue signaling and visible presence of Bloomberg’s astroturf organization Moms Demand Action. Statistically, a person was more likely to be killed by baseball bat than by one of the firearms they were arbitrarily defining as “assault weapons” inside the city limits, those stats being ONE for death by baseball bat to ZERO for death by ‘assault weapon.’ The ordinance also restricted the age of purchase for a long gun to those 21 and over, and banned open carry of their arbitrarily defined assault weapons in the city of Boulder.”

The ordinance was unconstitutional. The city of Boulder, however, can still appeal the court ruling to the Colorado Supreme Court. If readers had any doubt that the city would take such an insulting step, those doubts were probably erased during today’s shooting. In fact, the media and social media are great indicators that the “assault on assault weapons” picked up endless steam this afternoon.

The National , introduced weeks ago, is an insult to 2A rights, like most legislation passed this year nationally and in , where the Constitution doesn’t matter. is an insult to the American people, but it’s passed piece by piece via the legislature and executive orders.

Semi-Automatic Shotguns and any weapons with the capacity to utilize a magazine other than a fixed ammunition magazine and with one or more military characteristics including a pistol grip, a forward grip, a barrel shroud, a threaded barrel, or a folding or telescoping stock will be prohibited under this legislation. AR-15’s are banned under the bill, as are Uzi’s and and AK-47’s.

The bill was introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and thirty-four other Senate Democrats, as the reason for the bill. In other words, they’re blaming right wing extremists on their Constitutional infringements; apparently, BLM and Antifa’s storming of the nation’s metro areas with assault rifles, Molotov cocktails, and fire was totally fine. Where Senator Feinstein and her ilk draw the line against guns is when they’re in the hands of anyone but the left.

The AR-15 was developed by Eugene Stoner, a former marine, in the . It was made into a civilian version and later sold to consumers after Stoner’s patent lapsed in the 1980’s. From :

“When the AR-15 and other semiautomatic rifles began to turn up in shootings, a movement began to restrict their manufacture and sale. Much of the outrage stemmed from the militaristic appearance of those guns, and their ability to fire rapidly.”


The , though, prove that AR-15’s are not an issue at all. AR-15’s account for of all Americans firearms, are used in less than 0.4% of Americans homicides, and are used in less than 10% of mass shootings. Those are the facts about AR-15’s, without Gifford or Boulder histrionics.

Koop Moms Demand Action and Giffords, like the vast army of leftists hell bent on taking away lawful citizens’ firearms, however, don’t concern themselves with facts. “Gun control,” instead, is based entirely on political theatre that looks like safety, much like face masks and “Coronavirus.”

The admitted in 2014 that assault weapons bans were worthless; they’re based on fear-mongering, lies, and completely devoid of real data. During the Obama presidency, shootings were used to push gun control legislation. Congress at the time provided some balance, and Trump later provided relief in Second Amendment rights. This is the second mass shooting under a Biden presidency but the first with an assault rifle, and the repercussions of today will most likely live on for decades, if not forever. If there’s anything leftist activists love, it’s a tragedy that allows them to ask the government for “more safety.”

Always be wary of legislation signed in the middle of the night, and be especially wary of legislation that passes in the middle of the night “for your safety.”

In the interest of “your safety,” it’s worth considering how many people might not have been murdered in a shooting at a King Soopers in Weld or El Paso counties, where more citizens are armed. The argument that less armed citizens equals a safer city is moot, devoid of data, as people will never turn over all of their firearms to any government. In a less liberal and gun-shy Colorado city, an armed citizen may have been able to provide the remedy for a crazed man with an assault rifle…a bullet. In Boulder today, the situation was more “every unarmed man for himself.”

That’s all not to mention the fact that the government itself could one day come for its own citizens. If history repeats itself, and it does, then Americans should expect that one day, their weapons will be needed for protection against the state, but they’ll be left with very little protection…because “safety.”

That sounds conspiratorial to some, but not those who have survived the exact same happening in other nations during our lifetime. If it sounds insane to you, ask yourself if asked in 2010, you could have ever imagined people in the US arrested for not wearing masks, for running their salons, for partying during Spring Break. Would you have ever imagined a vaccine passport to fly, or being placed in “Facebook jail” for posting negatively about masks or a vaccine?

The government is completely out of control, all in the name of your safety. The liberal majority wants to defund the police and has an inherent distrust of military, launching operations to from state and public standpoints. But please do give us your assault rifles. It’s for your safety.