Boulder, home of college lockdowns, finally revolts; leftists cry for masks and arrests

Boulder was one massive party as CU Boulder students declared that they have had enough lockdowns. Last week, the City of Boulder announced it would hire a private security company to enforce masks and social distancing through the Spring Break weeks; the plan backfired, to say the least.

Leftists across Twitter and Facebook were so scared of the photos shared across social media of maskless college students having a good time that they cried out for the police, who they want to defund, to “do something about this!”

Triggered leftists begging for safety

Apparently, no one told the triggered leftists that they could stay home, wear three masks, and not have to see the college kids partying. By around 9 pm, the parties merged, a large party formed, and the student mob damaged three vehicles. The damage was far less than the damage in Los Angeles when the Lakers won last year, and it couldn’t hold a candle to one day of BLM damage in Denver…but already, the left is calling for arrests, convictions, and witch hunts.

Boulder Police released a statement Saturday night,

“Detectives will review every lead we have to identify and arrest those responsible for this reprehensible and unacceptable behavior,” Boulder police Chief Maris Herold said in a statement.

The department also said it was encouraging “anyone with information about tonight’s events to send it to detectives via our website or social media.”

The University of Colorado Boulder also issued a statement, saying that any students found to have engaged in acts of violence toward first responders would “be removed from CU Boulder.”

“We are aware of a large party on University Hill on Saturday evening and allegations of violence toward police officers responding to the scene,” the statement read. “We condemn this conduct. It is unacceptable and irresponsible, particularly in light of the volume of training, communication and enforcement the campus and city have dedicated to ensuring compliance with COVID-19 public health orders. CU Boulder will not tolerate any of our students engaging in acts of violence or damaging property.”

“CU Boulder has made it clear to our student body that following county public health orders is required under the student code of conduct. The vast majority of our students have followed these directives. When health officials and police have referred public health order violations to our student conduct office, CU Boulder has responded quickly and imposed discipline when violations were established. Disciplinary actions include interim exclusions from campus and 45 suspensions so far this academic year. We will continue to take these actions to make clear that protecting our community and our campus is of utmost importance and that we will not tolerate such violations.

“Any student who is found responsible for having engaged in acts of violence toward the law enforcement or other first responders will be removed from CU Boulder and not readmitted. We appreciate the efforts of law enforcement to address the unacceptable conduct of these students and apologize to the residents of University Hill for their behavior.”

Tweets, Reddit threads, and news reports indicate that a few of the 800 participating students hurled bricks and water bottles at police who were enforcing unconstitutional orders. The police later utilized the SWAT team against partying college kids. Neither CU Boulder students nor anyone else should not commit violent acts against First Responders. But the students’ attempt at regaining their power is necessary, in the same manner that leftists view BLM riots as necessary and for the greater good.

Boulder Police should be ashamed of the way they have allowed partisan politics to dictate their jobs by executing Polis’s unconstitutional orders. When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty; CU Boulder students stepped up to the plate last night and assumed their civic duties.