Blue Chinese masks contain asbestos-like poison, and you’ll allow it

Throughout the “pandemic,” daycare officials and school educators were alarmed by the number of kids in Canada who or that masks made the children feel as if they were “swallowing cat hair.” Health Canada now has a culprit for all of that cat hair: blue surgical masks containing asbestos like particles that are inhaled and swallowed by children, causing short and long term health problems.

is cooperating with Canadian health officials after its graphene coating on blue surgical masks was questioned by Canadian authorities. Canada has asked that graphene-coated masks not be sold in the country, and it has called on mask manufacturers to check for graphene, an asbestos-like substance, in their masks. The Canadian public has also been warned to check for the cancer-causing ingredient when purchasing masks.

From the , “emergent reports, albeit nascent and anecdotal but nevertheless vitally important (and will be clarified and defined in time) regarding the manufacture of masks, where, “many of them (face masks) are made of polyester, so you have a microplastic problem…many of the face masks would contain polyester with chlorine compounds…if I have the mask in front of my face, then of course I inhale the microplastic directly and these substances are much more toxic than if you swallow them, as they get directly .”

“Reports are that ‘ is a strong, very thin material that is used in fabrication, but it can be harmful to lungs when inhaled and can cause long-term health problems.’ We argue that there is a risk of potential ‘future’ inflammatory/fibrotic lung diseases because we are inhaling these materials in the masks now for over one year with more duration to come and no end in sight. These substances might also be highly carcinogenic. Not just for us as adults but we must be very concerned about the risks especially to our children since they depend on us as mentors and guides for their decision-making. It is our children that we are very concerned for.”

A on graphene demonstrated that graphene particles often function similarly to asbestos particles when invading the respiratory systems of living creatures, such as humans. Another showed that although graphene may be broken down by the lungs, it does cause some damage to lung cells and in high concentrations over time may lead to lung diseases.

Despite the American Institute for Economic Research’s findings as well as the multitude of research demonstrating carcinogenic compounds in Chinese surgical masks, the US government has not issued any such orders as Canada. Not one government agency in the US has warned the public about potentially illness-causing masks in circulation. Additionally, most masks don’t list ingredients on the packaging.

Of course, is working hard to let the public know that only one type of mask contains graphene, reassuring Americans that most masks are safe. Has Snopes tested the thousands of varieties from China available for purchase in the US and Canada?

placed a Chinese mask in the US under a microscope and performed an experiment on the mask, only to determine that it contained plastic and asbestos like particles that were inhaled by the wearer.

As warned in March of 2020, healthy individuals should not wear masks because the risks far outweigh the benefits. . In a CDC , 70.6% of the positive Coronavirus cases reported “always wearing masks.” The mask wearers got sick! The non mask wearers stayed relatively healthy. Perhaps breathing recycled, moist air from pathogen-laden masks soaked in asbestos-like particles has something to do with those findings.

The study adds substance to prior studies that claimed that most people who got sick during the 1918 pandemic fell ill to bacterial pneumonia and other illnesses from .

Masks are political theatre; the American populace should be ashamed at how long it has allowed federal, state, and local entities to perpetrate such a fraud.

It started with masks, essential versus non-essential, the combatting of “misinformation,” which turned into censorship, and now there’s racism at every turn, riots that we must accept because they said so, social distancing, loved ones dying alone, mandatory vaccines, travel restrictions, immigrants receiving tax funded stipends in the thousands, child trafficking, loss of Second Amendment rights. Now, Biden comes for the US Supreme Court, threatening to dismantle it.

This is all for your safety.